QB Start Sit Week 13: Houston, You Have A Problem!

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Well, Mike Vick suffered his first loss as an Eagle (first technical loss, really) and Peyton Manning was picked apart by the new number one defense in the NFL: the San Diego freaking Chargers!

But other than that, the gunslingers who were supposed to have a good week did exactly what they were supposed to do.

This week, Vick should get some redemption against Houston while Manning looks to bounce back against Dallas.

Wait, aren’t you the guy who does the Wide Receivers?

Yes, it’s me kids! I’ll be filling in this week in our quarterback section, so sit back and take a look at who deserves to start and who deserves to sit in Week 13.

Start ‘Um!
1. Sam Bradford – Rams: Yes that’s right, the rookie gets the nod of the week because this guy is simply on fire and can’t be shut down. It also kinda helps that he continues to face some of the worst passing defense in the league, but who cares, right?

The most important thing right now, is this guy is not only getting you mondo points every week, but he has an 11:1 TD to INT ratio through his last six games which is just sick.

Start Bradford with confidence against a very leaky Arizona secondary!

2. Michael Vick – Eagles: Houston has a problem with Vick coming to town, and while Vick may not run around as much—Houston is good at containing runners—he really won’t have to with a defense as porous as Houston. Start Vick with confidence.
3. Matt Cassel – Chiefs: The last time Cassel faced the horrible Broncos, hit lit them up for 469 yards and four TDs. What do YOU think you should do?
4. Aaron Rodgers – Packers: Even against a stout Falcons secondary, Rodgers was able to eclipse 300 yards proving that he is a quality QB1 each and every week. He gets a move favorable match up against the 49ers this week.
5. Jay Cutler – Bears: Cutler…..against the Lions? Need I say more?
Sit ‘Um
1. Jimmy Clausen – Panthers: The QB carousel in Carolina is just laughable to say the least. But what isn’t laughable is how that affects owners of Carolina’s receivers—if that’s even a reality anymore.

Clausen, at times, has shown himself to be a good learner who is slowly…very slowly, learning how to be a QB in the NFL. But he doesn’t quite have the type of skill sets some other rookie QBs that have come along in the past two years have.

Told ya so!

Clausen gets to try his hand at winning a game at Qwest Field; a place not known to be easy to win at, and a very unfriendly place for rookies!

2. Carson Palmer – Bengals: Palmer continues to severely disappoint fantasy owners, and while he will provide scores, his turnover rate pretty much negates anything worthwhile. Keep him sat against New Orleans this week.
3. Jason Campbell – Raiders: Heeeee’s baaaack! But that DOES NOT mean you should start him against San Diego this week, don’t forget what the Chargers did to you-know-who last Sunday night!
4. Jake Delhomme – Browns: Colt McCoy is still hurt, and Delhomme is still throwing more picks than scores, so keep him sat this week.
5. Donovan McNabb – Redskins: Not against the Giants, don’t do it. Just because they (New York) had two curious games doesn’t mean they are falling apart. Keep McNabb sat.

Just like in any other column I do, if you have a specific question please feel free to ask away, and I’ll see you guys on Wednesday with the Wide Receiver column!

Good Luck this week!