Rob Gronkowski Still In Holding Pattern; Other NFL News

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Last week I hyped up the return of Rob Gronkowski thinking that those owners who drafted him would no longer have to suffer. Unfortunately, myself and many others were wrong when Gronk was a no show against the Falcons. While there is mention that the Patriots are targeting a Week 6 return, Gronkowski told the Boston Globe he's still "not sure yet" when he'll resume playing. Looks like those owners who drafted him in the hopes that he'd make a quick return from a back injury will have to wait, hopefully, for a couple more weeks. There is no question the Patriots need him back badly because the tight end position is a mess in New England.

On to other news from around the NFL:

C.J. Spiller Better Start Producing

Were you one of the many owners who drafted Spiller with your first round pick? I did. And it was a high one. Week 2 looked like the start of a colossal season when Spiller racked up 117 total yards against the Panthers. But since then, it's been injuries and Fred Jackson who has us owners troubled. Spiller is currently questionable for Thursday night's game against the Browns. You won't find him in my starting lineup even if he does play. An injured player against a strong front seven is a recipe for disaster. If Spiller doesn't get it together and start producing, don't be surprised to see him on the trade block in several leagues. He's just one of many running backs who have let us down this year.

Hey Big Surprise. Darren McFadden Is Injured.......Again

As a McFadden owner from several years ago, I wasn't falling into that trap again. Yeah DMC's 2013 looked promising with a new offensive scheme, but the guy can't stay healthy. Period. This will mark the 6th year that McFadden hasn't played a full 16-game season. Which is basically all his career. The fact that he suffered a hamstring injury could put him out for awhile. DMC isn't known as a fast healer. Marcel Reece is also out due to a knee injury, so it looks like sluggo Rashad Jennings is the guy this week. He was a big waiver wire pickup. But after analyzing the stats, I don't know if Jennings' 2012 season was crap because of the Jaguars or if he is just that bad. Still, owners will have to hope Jennings breaks through and gives them a reason to start him. He was the best waiver option of the week, which doesn't say a lot about the other players out there.

And last but not least

The Rams Have Turned Their Backfield Into A Mess

Daryl Richardson sent out a tweet yesterday saying he was told he wasn't starting against the Jaguars. He later retracted the statement and said he was then told there will be competition. Which in laments terms means "Bye Bye Richardson." He's had 98 rushes so far, but has only averaged a little under 30 yards a game and has a putrid 2.7 ypc average. With Richardson's role decreasing, who knows by how much, the question now is who is the guy to own in the Rams backfield? Isaiah Pead, who Jeff Fisher slobbered over all offseason, could get the start. But you also have Benny Cunningham, one of Phil's sleeper options and Zac Stacy. Needless to say if you don't have to start anyone in the Rams backfield, DON'T!!!! Let this sort itself out (If it does) after Week 5. Although I get this sneaking suspicion that we'll still be questioning the backfield again come next week.