Top Ten Sports Songs of All Time

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I love sports and I love music period, and when I think of the two there are plenty of tunes that remind me of sports and get my blood flowing. Whether it is a theme song or just a good old fashion song you hear on the  radio, there are quite a few that literally send shivers down my spine.

I have tried to gather, for you the reader, the Top Ten Sports Songs of All Time. Music that we all can relate to when it comes to both music and sports. Don't let the top ten list stop here, please share your personal favorites in the comment section.

So here you are:

The Top Ten Sports Songs of All Time!

Let us sit back, listen to some tunes, read some stuff here, and reminisce about anything and everything related to sports and music alike.

#10. Let’s Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas. Whether you are into this band’s type of fast pace music laced with the soft female vocals of Fergie or not, very few can say that they HAVEN’T been to a game somewhere that wasn’t playing this song, and it comes in at number ten.

#9. Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor. I don’t know about you guys, but the all too familiar mid eighties hit that became more famous thanks to Rocky is still to this day an indelible sound in my mind. We mostly relate this song, obviously, to boxing, but believe it or not I have heard this song one or two times on the humunga-tron at some hockey games and if you have ever been to a LSU Tigers game you'll hear it every time.

#8.The NFL Theme Song - We all know it, we all get the same chilly feeling when we here it. It's been featured on video games and various sites and radio commercials. Whether it is June or October, hearing this song always gives us goosebumps.

#7 NFL on CBS Theme Song - On of the things I always like about CBS is their way of making an epic intro. The visual side to this song is just as great, and it goes to show that even a theme song can get under our skin every once in a while.

#6. Another One Bites The Dust & We are the Champions  - Queen. For some strange reason Queen had a slight penchant for writing songs that had all kinds of sports application; they also had a penchant for writing good stuff period.

#5.Centerfield - John Fogerty. “Put me in coach…I’m ready to play…” enough said right?

#4. The ESPN Monday Night Theme Song - With the exception of ABC's theme song, which I personally can't stand, this oldie but goodie is an essential part of football;  Monday nights just wouldn't be the same without it.

#3. We Will Rock You, Queen. Now here is a much more familiar tune that is about the most synonymous song to sports I can think of, and another testament to Queen’s ability to create some of the most lasting songs we have ever had.

#2. Take Me Out To The Ball Game. Originally written by Jack Norworth, this version comes to you compliments of the Chicago Cubs. The 7th inning stretch oldie is a mainstay in Wrigley, and when you normally say “…root, root, root, for the home team…” home team is replaced with  “The Cubbies”. This horrid and hilarious version, however, was done by none other than Ozzy Osborne, and it goes down in baseball, and in Cubs history as quite possibly the worst rendition of this song.

#1. The Superbowl Shuffle. Ok, ya had to know it was coming right? But this is the all-time number one song hands down simply because it was so dog on corny, and NO-ONE saw this coming, and I mean no-one. Today at 36, I still believe it was all a dream, a very weird, unexplainable dream.

I don't know about you, but the sporting world wouldn't be quite the same without The Superbowl shuffle and Ozzy, and the collection of theme songs that are just as common in the house on Sunday, as a plate of wings; but what songs can you think of? In the endless sea of choices, there is plenty of music, plenty of sports, and when the two get together it always turns out well!