Start Sit Advice For Week 14

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Week 14 Fantasy Football Start Sit Advice is brought to you by Scott Pineau. Every week Scott breaks down this Week's games and picks the winning team and who he likes fantasy wise, as a solid Starter. (Editor's note: Scott is a freelance writer whose opinions are his own and don't necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of the site.)

Denver at Oakland – Thur. 8:20 pm ET
Somehow the thought that the Broncos have to lose sooner or later has entered my mind. Could this be the week, by some fluke of happenstance? The Raiders will be playing an emotional game for their head coach Dennis Allen, and I expect them to pick up their game. Under the lights would be a nice setting for this team to finally win a big game. The smart pick is the Broncos, but I’m going with this as the upset of the week. Start: Manning, Thomas, Palmer, Meyers

San Diego at Pittsburgh – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Suddenly the Steelers are back in the wild card hunt, as Charlie Batch was able to win one in Big Ben’s absence. The Chargers are pitiful to watch and I don’t expect them to stay in this game beyond the third quarter. Start: Big Ben (check status), Wallace

Tennessee at Indianapolis – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Boy the Colts are an impressive bunch, and what a finish over the Lions! Both defenses in this game are suspect (the Titans more so than the Colts), but I am picking Indy more on their ability to move the ball. Start: CJ, Cook, Luck, Wayne, Hilton

New York (Jets) at Jacksonville – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
This is the Toilet Bowl of the week for me, for both reality and fantasy. Only hardened criminals should be forced to watch this one. Jacksonville by a hair. DON’T START ANYONE!

Chicago at Minnesota – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
This is an interesting divisional contest as both teams are still alive. Chicago very much so, is in the playoff hunt. Don’t get me wrong. You and I both know the Vikings are not a legitimate playoff team. My point is that if they can figure out a way to win against this banged up Chicago defense (see last week’s loss to the Seahawks) and can find another victory against the Rams the following week, they would be back in the conversation. Nevertheless, I am sticking with the Bears in this one. Start: Forte, Marshall, AP, Rudolph

Atlanta at Carolina – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Falcons just keep winning games. I realize that these games are often tight and some have been decided by one or two plays, but that is what great teams do (remember how many close games the 2007 Patriots barely won?). The Panthers have been up and down all season, more down than up, but are still competitive. Atlanta however should still secure the win and get that much closer to wrapping up home-field advantage. Start: Ryan, White, Jones, Gonzalez, Cam, Olsen

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
I feel bad for the Bucs, and had hoped that they would find a way to beat the Broncos. Their season could be pretty much ended if the Eagles win. With Andy Reid experimenting with the roster, this end-of-season-talent-scouting could be difficult for Tampa to game-plan against. I look for a hard fought contest that the Bucs will ultimately win to keep their hopes alive for one more week. Start: Freeman, Martin, Jackson

St. Louis at Buffalo – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Bills are suddenly playing decent on offense. Now it is their defense that is sputtering, not to mention injury-ridden. The Rams are playing their best football of the year thus far. Rams by a touchdown. Start: Jackson, Amendola (check status), Spiller

Dallas at Cincinnati – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Fantasy goldmine of the week alert! We’ve got QB’s. We’ve got RB’s. We’ve got WR’s and even TE’s. The Bengals continue to play solid football when it matters the most. They are not making the kinds of mistakes that the Cowboys are prone to make and that will be the difference. Bengals win. Start: Romo, Murray, Bryant, Witten, Dalton, Green-Ellis, Green, Gresham

Baltimore at Washington – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
This is in many ways the game of the week as far as how the outcome may shape both the AFC and NFC playoff picture moving forward. Both teams desperately need this win. As much as I think the Redskins should be able to continue to ride the wave they are on, the Ravens just have a knack for showing up at this point each season. They just make the playoffs every year because of sound play from solid coaching. Experience wins this game for Baltimore. Start: Flacco, Rice, Smith, RGIII, Morris, Garcon

Kansas City at Cleveland – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Browns are winning games and have played well enough to win several of the games they lost. I think they have enough clicking right now to earn them another victory over a team that, despite playing well in last week’s emotional win, is headed for the first overall pick. Start: Charles, Richardson, Gordon

Miami at San Francisco – Sun. 4:05 pm ET
The Dolphins could give the Niners a run for their money. Miami has a good run defense, but their unit hasn’t been as good lately as earlier in the year. We all know that the run is San Fran’s bread and butter, and I’m sure Harbaugh will want to get the run going early on to help young developing QB Kaepernick, so it will be interesting to see. Niners by a field goal. Start: Kaepernick, Gore

New Orleans at New York (Giants) – Sun. 4:25 pm ET
The Saints are done, but I still expect to see them play as though they are very much in it. The Giants are certainly favored in this game, but I’m throwing my chips in with the Who Dat? nation. Start: Brees, Colston, Moore, Graham, Manning, Bradshaw, Cruz, Nicks

Arizona at Seattle – Sun. 4:25 pm ET
The Cardinals quarterbacking is so bad that it may have put a serious lick on Larry Fitzgerald’s chances of getting into the Hall of Fame some day. The only way that Arizona pulls off the upset is with a pick six coupled with a punt return for a touchdown. But I’m going with the 12th man. Start: Lynch

Detroit at Green Bay – Sun. 8:20 pm ET
This looks to be a very entertaining Sunday night game, even with the Lions out of the race. They could ruin the Packers’ weekend by pulling the upset, but I don’t see it happening. Cheese heads march on toward the post-season. Start: Rodgers, Jennings, Cobb, Stafford, Megatron, Pettigrew

Houston at New England – Mon. 8:30 pm ET
The Texans went into Chicago on a Sunday night in poor conditions and passed a major test of their mettle. Now their next big challenge will be in Foxborough on Monday night where there could be snow on the ground. At any rate, don’t expect Foster or any other starter to have their snap count lessened as in this last Sunday’s game. They will be in full force to try and secure home-field advantage and a win versus the Patriot, will have them in perfect position to do so. I still think the Patriots will win, but it will be close either way. Start: Schaub, Foster, Johnson, Brady, Welker, Hernandez