Start Sit Advice For Week 16

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Week 14 Fantasy Football Start Sit Advice is brought to you by Scott Pineau. Every week Scott breaks down this Week's games and picks the winning team and who he likes fantasy wise, as a solid Starter.

(Editor's note: Scott is a freelance writer whose opinions are his own and don't necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of the site.)

Atlanta at Detroit – Sat. 8:30 pm ET
Santa is coming a couple of days early this year. This is the Monday Night Football game of the week on Saturday (rather than Christmas Eve). There are plenty of fantasy gifts in the big red bag. I expect this to get into a shootout mainly because Detroit has made it clear that they are trying to get Megatron the ball so that he can break Jerry Rice’s single season record for receiving yards. Atlanta is still trying to wrap up home field advantage. Although it could easily be high a scoring affair I expect the Falcons to win convincingly. Start: Ryan, White (check status), Jones, Gonzalez, Stafford, Megatron, Pettigrew

Buffalo at Miami – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Look for both of these teams to do a little self-scouting. I still like Miami in this game. Start: Spiller, Johnson, Bush

Oakland at Carolina – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
This is another game where both teams might see what they have in beck up players, though Carolina has been playing as though there is something at stake. Panthers convincingly. Start: Palmer, McFadden (check status), Myers, Cam, Smith, Olsen

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
This will be an absolute dogfight to the bloody end. Both teams are desperate to win this game, and the victory should make it into the post-season, but we’ll see. I can’t see the Steelers losing yet another game, but expect the Bengals to really put up a good fight. Start: Dalton, Green-Ellis, Green, Gresham, Big Ben, Wallace, Brown, Miller

New Orleans at Dallas – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Fantasy Goldmine of the Week! This should be very entertaining as the Cowboys hope to outscore the Saints. Without a doubt Brees and the Saints’ offense has had an off year, but they can still put up a ton of point quickly. I look for Dallas to play a little too conservative early on, fall behind, and then be forced to play catch up. Sound familiar. Saints play spoiler and win in Big D. Start: Brees, Sproles, Colston, Graham, Romo, Murray, Bryant, Austin, Witten

Tennessee at Green Bay – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Packers are continuing to get healthy and just in time. I think Jennings starts to get back to his normal level of production. Green Bay should start peaking just as the playoffs begin. I look for them to make quick work of the Titans, who continue to struggle moving the ball with consistency. Start: CJ, Rodgers, Cobb, Jennings

Minnesota at Houston – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Texans can wrap up home field advantage with a win this week. Look for them to do everything in their power to make sure that happens. On the flipside expect the Vikings to do everything they can to get this win which keeps their playoff hopes alive. Oh, and they want to help AP break Dickerson’s single season record for rushing yards. I like Houston in this one. Start: AP, Schaub, Foster, Johnson

Indianapolis at Kansas City – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Andrew Luck and company should rebound from last week’s loss against a decimated Kansas City teams. Start: Luck, Ballard, Wayne, Hilton, Charles

New England at Jacksonville – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
That Sunday Night game didn’t sit well with the Patriots. I expect them to take it out on the Jags and run up the score in typical Belichick fashion. Start: Brady, Ridley, Welker, Hernandez, Shorts

San Diego at New York (Jets) – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
These last couple of weeks can be so painful to watch on TV. Hopefully none of you get stuck with this game. Here again is another Scouting Bowl. There is pretty much zero fantasy value to be had here. I’ll take the Jets, but I could just as easily say flip a coin. Start: Alexander

Washington at Philadelphia – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Whether RGIII suits up or not the Skins will win this game. They are playing much better than most of the NFC over the past several weeks. The defense still has some holes, especially in the secondary, but they should be able to handle Foles with relative ease. Start: RGIII (check status), Morris, Garcon, McCoy (check status)

St. Louis at Tampa Bay – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Rams were a disappointment last week. Even with Amendola they were not able to get the job done. I expect the Bucs to win at home in a game that should be called the Too Little Too Late Bowl for whichever team actually wins. Start: Amendola, Freeman, Martin, Jackson, Clark

Cleveland at Denver – Sun. 4:05 pm ET
The Broncos look to lock up the #2 seed, or even a chance at the #1 if the Vikings can pull an upset over the Texans. They will be plenty motivated to stomp the Browns who have been playing well lately. Peyton is a man on a mission, and they should pull away by the early part of the third quarter. Start: Richardson, Manning, Moreno, Thomas, Decker

New York (Giants) at Baltimore – Sun. 4:25 pm ET
And this should be the Meltdown Bowl, as the loser of this game would need a miracle to advance into the playoffs. I expect both teams to struggle at times but the Giants have a slight edge in this one. Start: Cruz, Rice

Chicago at Arizona – Sun. 4:25 pm ET
The Bears are a team that has practically fallen off the map. After such a great start it is painful to watch this unfold the way it has. Nevertheless, the Arizona QB situation alone is enough to get a win for Chicago. Start: Forte, Marshall