Team Defense Start Sit Week 8: The Week Of The Underdog

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Week 7 Recap: Two real rough starts last week with Baltimore and New Orleans; The Saints opponents last week the Browns, were the number one defense of the week, go figure. My sits of the week were pretty on target with Jacksonville, San Diego and Minnesota all falling in the bottom half of the league in team defense fantasy points. Hopefully with my picks for week 8 we can get back to form with our start ‘em picks.

Start ‘em: Week Eight Team Defenses

Kansas City Chiefs vs BUF: Coming off of a great performance by the Chiefs against the Jaguars last week, I expect the KC defense to be ready for the all of a sudden booming Bills offense. The Chiefs have scored 20 fantasy points or more 4 out of 6 games this year, and I feel like that will not change when they play at home in Arrowhead against the Bills this week. Ryan Fitzpatrick will have issues with the secondary in Kansas City this week, especially with Brandon Flowers who will most likely be matched up with top team wide receiver Lee Evans.

St. Louis Rams vs CAR: The Rams defense has scored over 15 fantasy points all games but one this year, and there is no way that changes when they host the Carolina Panthers this week. From what I have seen so far in Matt Moore’s career, I just do not trust the Panthers on the road, especially with a banged up DeAngelo Williams in the back field this Sunday. Also, Steve Smith got hurt again this week against SF, even if he plays against the Rams, he will be nowhere near healthy and will most likely be more of a decoy.

Dallas Cowboys vs JAX: This start has more to do with Jacksonville than it does with Dallas. Eben Britton, offensive tackle for the Jaguars, is out for the season with a shoulder injury; this will honestly effect how the entire offense works the ball around. Maurice Jones-Drew will not be as effective with this guy out of the lineup, and with that mixed with the fact Jacksonville has looked a mess since their win versus the Colts and their quarterback problem, Dallas’ defense looks great in this coming week.

New Orleans Saints vs PITT: I usually have one gut feeling of the week in my Sit Start, and this is it. It is Halloween night, this game will be played in the Superdome in New Orleans, the crowd will be absolutely fired up for this one, especially after the Saints loss at home last week to the Browns. Except for their awful day versus the Browns, their team defense has scored double digit fantasy points each week of this season, I see no reason why that should stop playing a defensive team in Pittsburgh this week.

Sit ‘em: Week Eight Team Defenses

New England Patriots vs MIN: I do not think the Patriots will have any answer for Adrian Peterson in this matchup this weekend. New England is currently 7th in the league in team rush defense and there is no way they are still in the top 10 after facing the best running back in football this week. The reason I say that is also the problems with Brett Favre; I see Minnesota giving AP a ton of carries and looks this week to make sure they get back to form. New England is currently 27th in team defense against the pass, I see the numbers flipping this week and New England seriously struggling with the ground game.

Houston Texans @ IND: Currently on Yahoo, the Texans are projected to be the worst team defense this week. I just do not buy it, with all the injuries to the Colts and both teams coming off of byes I think the Texans defense will be well rested and up for the challenge of Manning on Monday Night Football without Joseph Addai, Austin Collie and Dallas Clark. Peyton Manning’s record on MNF is unbelievable, I just think the Texans defense will be ready for this matchup.

Green Bay Packers @ NYJ: Too many injuries, Jets coming off of a bye, Green Bay coming off of an emotional win against Favre and the Vikings; I just do not see a full effort this week from the Packers defense. Clay Matthews has looked like a fantasy god sent all season for the GB defense, but I do not see him being the difference between a sit or start this week. Gb is 21st against the pass and 27th against the run, these numbers do not lie and neither will their team defense result this week, sit the Packers.

San Francisco 49ers @ DEN: The best defense in football prior to the season has turned into a team that cannot stop the Carolina Panthers. SF is 16th against the rush and 22nd against the pass, those are real far from top team defense numbers and that will not chance when they travel to Mile High this week. The Broncos just had the most embarrassing week possible losing by 40 points to Oakland last week, if that is not enough motivation for Kyle Orton and the offense to show up versus the 1-6 49ers nothing will be, I would sit the 49ers defense this week.


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