Top 10 Most Reliable Fantasy Football Producers

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Here’s a scoop for you. Reliable players are huge in fantasy football. When your roster is stacked with guys who week-in and week-out produce stats, your team always has a chance.

You want players as reliable as the ice cream truck man. You know when you’re outside on a hot day? You hear that ‘jingling’ sound from a mile away, and you know ice cream is coming. Well, if you can get these guys on your team, consider your opponents served.


  1. Wood says

    Whenever I think of a reliable fantasy football producer, I think of a guy like Roddy White who every year, every game produces for me. It is way too soon to say Decker, Morris, and Martin are reliable after 1 season of true production.

    • Kurt Turner says

      No doubt Wood, one season and those guys make the list? Gonna have to talk to George about this one.

  2. George says

    Reliable is kind of a vague word. Where we talking about reliable in terms of the past? Are we talking about the big name guys who put up big points and then have a dud game every once in awhile? Or the guys who don’t blow up but still produce consistently? Or who will be reliable for the seasons to come?

    I always think in terms of future success (after all, we are trying to help people draft the right guys here). Calvin Johnson had 5 touchdowns last year, dude was not reliable in the end zone. Everyone thinks Johnson will improve those touchdown numbers in 2013, but will he? He plays on a mess of a Detroit team that regressed significantly last season and has no No. 2 receiver. A lot of Calvin’s yards came in garbage time when opposing defenses didn’t care if he caught a bunch of short passes.

    Roddy White had 7 and 1300 yards, Julio had 10 and 1,100 yards. Even though Both Julio and Roddy were good, they cancelled each other out at times and stopped one from being great. It’s hard for me to say Roddy is reliable if every time you have to worry about Julio being the dominant player that game and vice versa.

    Doug Martin and Alfred Morris are ‘the’ guys on their teams. No timeshares there. To me, 16 games is enough to show reliability. Martin is totally immersed in the Bucs offense. Alfred capped off last season with a 200-yard performance, so it’s not like he was showing signs of slowing up. Beyond a serious injury, what is going to slow these guys down? Is there a chance they will regress? Of course. Any running back can. But the chances of young running backs regressing is much less likely than a running back in his late 20s.

    I think the main problem is I wrote this without a clear idea of what reliable was and ended up confusing the reader. But what I was mainly trying to say was the guys on this list were reliable in the past, and nothing has changed to keep them from being reliable this year. So if I left a big name out, it was probably me just trying to say there are safer bets out there for reliable players this season. And maybe I like to think outside the big name guys since they’re all obvious choices, which is probably a mistake on my part.

    • Wood says

      Reliable to me means a guy who every year can be depended on. Someone who rarely misses games and wouldn’t be pulled from the starting line up.

      • Kurt says

        Me and Greg agree with you Wood, we’ve update the article so it’s more in tune with the general public’s idea definition of “reliable”. Thanks for tuning in!

  3. JD says

    “If you don’t count his 2011 injury season, Peterson has averaged 1577 rushing yards a game” If this were true, just having him on the team would lead to an undefeated fantasy season.

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