Top 5 Buy Low Sell High Trade Targets for Week 10

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Buy Low:

  1. Colin Kaepernick, QB, San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick has been incredibly underwhelming thus far as a passer. After an opening game with 400+ yards and 3 TDs, Kaepernick had only 6 passing TDs over the following 7 games. So why buy? Mario Manningham returns to the team this week, and Michael Crabtree has also been cleared to play. Match those guys with Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis, and Kaepernick quickly has one of the best receiving groups in the league.
  2. Rueben Randle, WR, New York Giants. After laying a goose egg against the Eagles, Randle faces pass-friendly opponents in Oakland, Green Bay, Dallas, Washington and San Diego. He may have been easier to grab in the heat of the moment last week, but snagging him this week should net you a solid WR2 for the next five weeks.
  3. Roddy White, WR, Atlanta Falcons. It doesn’t get much lower for Roddy right now, who has netted zero points over the last four weeks for his owners (bye week and three missed games). He returned to practice last Friday, even though he was still held out of the game. His matchup is ugly this week (vs. Seattle), but he plays Buffalo, Green Bay and Washington during fantasy playoff time. Now is the perfect time to take advantage.

Sell High:

  1. Chiefs D/ST. Facing five straight backup QBs has helped the Chiefs D/ST to become one of the highest scoring entities so far this year. Facing the Broncos twice, Chargers and Redskins in the next five weeks will bring those 20+ point games back to pedestrian numbers. Try to make a deal while you can, aiming for a RB2 or WR2 at best. Don’t be scared to stream defenses for the rest of the season – we are far enough along to know predict decent matchups.
  2. Mike James, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 158 yards on the ground in Seattle vaulted James’ value upward in a big way. However, Doug Martin’s return is looming, possibly next week. Once Martin returns, James’ value will dive for everyone except Martin owners. Pawn him off while you can to build more secure depth, like a WR3 or 4.