Week 1 Waiver Wire Picks

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What does the future hold, if you hold nothing at all?

When my fantasy football draft ended, the first thing I immediately did was check the free agent market to see what names were left behind. I really think it’s the best strategy to success in the first few days after your draft to make sure no player with immediate starter potential didn’t get picked up. When scouring the waiver wire, you need to have knowledge of each player’s team background to know if he is worth using a roster spot on [in the words of Rustyn Rose… “Go Fishing”]. This list shows you the guys you will want to pay attention to once your draft has ended and the real season begins.

Waiver Wire: Golden Tate [30%]/Mike Williams [11%], WR, Seattle Seahawks:

One name explains this choice…  T.J. Houshmanzadeh. With his departure, it is time for the rest of the receiving core to step up, and that means two very young receivers in Tate and Williams. With his Houshmanzadeh's absence, now I think it's time to buy on these two guys.

Waiver Wire: Kareem Huggins [10%], RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

With the recent cutting of Derrick Ward [recently signed by Houston] by the Bucs, Kareem Huggins steps right up to the back up role behind Cadillac Williams. Cadillac has averaged 10.8 games played per season over his five-year career and you can count on Huggins receiving a bulk of carries this season in the number two hole. In 2009, Ward carried the ball 114 times for 409 yards, in 2008, Warrick Dunn ran the ball 186 times for 786 yards and in 2007, Earnest Graham carried the ball 222 times for 898 yards and ten touchdowns. Cadillac Williams was on all three of those teams and did nothing to stop those three running backs from taking at least 100 carries away from him. Kareem Huggins will get his carries this season, and his explosiveness will show in the first eight weeks.

Nate Washington [19%], WR, Tennessee Titans:

I believe this guy can make a difference because I am simply not sold on Kenny Britt. Britt finished his rookie year with a little over 700 yards and 3 touchdowns, while Washington had close to 600 yards and 6 touchdowns. Bottom line here is, Nate Washington has 18 career touchdowns, and instead of wasting a draft pick on Kenny Britt, go take someone else and use your last pick on Nate Washington.

Waiver Wire: Danny Amendola [10%], WR, St. Louis Rams:

With the recent injury to Donnie Avery, Danny Amendola steps into a position I believe is worthy of a waiver wire pick up. His status as a kick and punt returner plus the Rams number one receiver done for the year, equals to me a pick up of Amendola; especially with Bradford starting week one.

Waiver Wire: Matt Cassel [33%], QB, Kansas City Chiefs:

Cassel is less owned than quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez [42%], Kyle Orton [54%] and Chad Henne [62%]. Cassel is a guy who has completed almost 60% of his passes in his career and I think will surprise people a bit this season. For where he is being drafted in most leagues [160th ADP], Cassel is a steal in the late rounds, instead of wasting a pick on Henne two rounds earlier. With the additions of Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster to his offensive repertoire [Bowe, Chambers], I believe Cassel will have his share of options this year and put up some good numbers.