Week 14 Last Minute Deep Flex WR

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If you are lucky enough to be in the playoffs; you certainly know the importance of using your flex spot in the best way possible and you also know, the flex player, if played perfectly, can get you to the Super Bowl. In a PPR format don’t jack around with a Running Back here; grab a Wide Receiver who will increase the odds of a reception point.

This time of year it is almost always necessary to dig deep into free agents to get that ace in the hole Wide Receiver. This pick will make you legendary, it will make the other teams talk and most importantly, it will get you in the money.

This is not a news flash; but this year has been plagued with injuries from the QB position. Now why is this important when I am talking flex WR? Well, new QB’s can mean a new season for Wide Receivers that normally didn’t get many targets with the previous QB. On the flipside; those Wide Receivers that were hot from the previous QB can cool off just as fast.

When analyzing the player to start; look at the QB situation. Has it changed? How has this player performed with this QB in place? Next, really dig into the strengths and weakness of the defense they will be facing. Let’s face it, we are not in week 5 anymore and defenses have been established. Another final thought in analyzing a defense is to find out who is most likely going to be covering your guy. Is it a shutdown corner or a backup to an injured starter? Also, is your flex player on a team with a stud WR that will most likely be double covered, opening up more opportunities to a 2nd or 3rd WR?

With this being said; I went ahead and did a little footwork for you and picked out 4 deep flex choices for you to mull over if you are having problems finding and deciding on who to start in your flex position:

ROD STREATER OAKLAND RAIDERS : Streater is a favorite target of new quarterback Matt McGloin and has caught 14 passes in the past 3 games for 234 yards and he has scored a touchdown. The Raiders face the limping New York Jets who have given up 5 touchdowns to receivers in their past 4 games, but to really top that off, they have given up 768 yards in those games as well. Streater is a great option this week.

NATE BURLESON DETROIT LIONS : Although Burleson was quiet in the Lions game against the Packers he has had good success against the Eagles. The Eagles are struggling against the passing game and give up the most Fantasy Points to the Wide Receiver position in a PPR format. One final thing to think about; the Eagles will most certainly have double coverage on Calvin Johnson which will loosen up the coverage on Burelson. I actually will go out on a limb here and say Burleson will be a top 5 WR this week in PPR formats.

ANDRE ROBERTS ARIZONA CARDINALS : It looks like Carson Palmer will be playing this week at home against the Rams who are without Cortland Finnegan and rank 19th against the pass. Although Michael Floyd is expected to play with his ankle and shoulder injuries, the ankle is a fresh injury that has kept him out of practice most of the week. Roberts’s targets have increased the past few weeks including 8 targets against the Eagles last week. Roberts would be a great option this week if you are in a PPR league and digging around for someone to pick up.

JACOBY JONES BALTIMORE RAVENS : Jacoby Jones has seen an increase in targets the past 2 weeks and he appears to be hitting his late season stride as he did in 2012. Jones faces the Minnesota Vikings who have been very generous to Wide Receivers, just ask Bears WR Alshon Jeffrey who shredded the Vikings last week. I like Jones here a lot; he won’t blow you away but he will get at least an average amount of receptions and maybe a TD this week, not too bad for a deep flex player.


  1. Kurt Turner says

    takes balls to recommend NATE BURLESON

    But I must say that I too am starting him in one of my deeper leagues.

    Great playoff advice and FIRST piece on FK =)