Week 17 WR Fantasy Football Rankings

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Stay tuned for more updates on Cobb as they become available.

WR rankings for WK 17 were a little odd to say the least. The first six players mentioned may just all wind up having very similar weeks. Even if we expand our view to the Top 10, we really still have a bunch of guys who are in line for similar outings.

In other words, I placed the first 10 in the WR rankings for WK 17 in a "grain of salt" manner—all ten players are hands down the top of the class this week.

From there, everything gets a bit hairy. QB issues, injuries, players who may wind up being sat will are have inevitably have an effect on this week's WR rankings, so if you have an individual question you would like to ask, please do so below.

One other note I wanted to discuss is Packers' receiver, Randall Cobb. Cobb rolled his ankle this past week and his status for Sunday's tilt with Minnesota is still unknown at the time of this article.

Coach McCarthy said earlier this week:

"He may be in there as we speak (with doctors). Then the doctors will determine what scans  (are) needed, and we'll get that information sometime today," said McCarthy, who  held his day-after-the-game news conference at 8 a.m. because of Christmas Eve.  "The medical staff does not have high concern. Randall's so positive, so he  doesn't seem very concerned. But you go through the process and scans and so  forth and make sure we get all the information." SportsMadison.com

It looks as if Cobb will be able to go this week, but be prepared with a backup plan if not.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and I hope everyone does well this week. be sure to help yourself by updating yourself with our Fantasy Football Rankings section and IDP Rankings section.

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