WR Start Sit Week 12: Owners Will Be Giving Thanks And Praise To Calvin Johnson

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10 touchdowns in 10 games is enough for any football fan to make a serious argument as to who is the best receiver in the NFL. And before the turkey is sliced, and the pumpkin pie is devoured, owners will be giving thanks and praise to Calvin Johnson, among other receivers this week.

Keep in mind we have a full week with zero teams on the bye, so I am sure there will be plenty of questions to be asked. But do not fret! Just leave your specific question below along with your league type, and team, and I will get to everyone!

And also, Happy Holidays to everyone out there in fantasy land!

The Start List:
1. Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions: I don’t think there is anything else I can mention than what I have above regarding Calvin Johnson this season. Oh wait, yes there is; Dallas still stinks on defense.

There is just no denying this guy, no matter who he faces. Megatron has been a solid source and a consistent receiver all season long, and will likely remain a WR1 for the remainder of the year.

He is a must start on Turkey day!

2. Mario Manningham – New York Giants: With both Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith out, guess who will be the number one WR in New York?
3. Roddy White – Atlanta Falcons: Even against Green Bay he gets a WR1 nod…that says something about the boy!
4. DeSean Jackson – Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles are flying high, and I don’t believe the Bears will do anything to slow them down this week, including DeSean Jackson.
5. Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts: Reggie Wayne hasn’t been the explosive receiver of years past, but he has still been a consistent source of points. With Austin Collie out this week, and Pierre Garcon still trying to figure out how to catch a ball, Peyton Manning will turn to old reliable once again.
6. Dwayne Bowe – Kansas City Chiefs: Great match up this week for Bowe. Start him with confidence.
7. Greg Jennings – Green Bay Packers: I made one mistake last week suggesting to a fan to start two other high end receivers over Jennings, and I was wrong. My apologies to him, but don’t sit this guy any longer.
8. Percy Harvin – Minnesota Vikings: Percy Harvin is in line for even more targets and fantasy points this week, with a new regime, as he faces one of the most burnable teams in the NFC: The Redskins. They are also without LaRon Landry this week, making this match up tastier.
9. Nate Washington – Tennessee Titans: Kenny Britt is still out, and Houston stinks at covering…nuff said!
10. Steve Johnson – Buffalo Bills: The Steelers and the Bills will more than likely get into a shootout, since that seems to be a weekly thing since Ryan Fitzpatrick became the starter. Also, the Steelers are horrible against the pass. Steve Johnson should have another big week.
The Risk List:
1. Santana Moss – Washington Redskins: Don’t believe the hype that the Vikings are a bad defense; that will all change this week limiting Moss’ ability to garner elite points.

The other point to mention here, is the fact that the Vikings may have subtle issues with coverage, but do have a potent pass rush, and the Redskins aren’t exactly what I would call a good pass protecting team.

Moss will get targets, and he will produce, but not on an elite level this week.

2. Brian Hartline – Miami Dolphins: There is a rumor going around that Brandon Marshall could miss this week’s game against the Raiders, and possibly more, but there is another rumor—far more important—that Hartline has outplayed Marshall in recent weeks. Hartline will get the targets, but due to uncertainty at the helm, he remains risky.
3. Brandon Gibson – St. Louis Rams: Gibson has really shown he can gel with Sam Bradford, and going against Denver, he could have a really good day. Maybe not as good as the Top 10 Starts, but still a pretty good day.
4. Danny Amendola – St. Louis Rams: A nice consideration as well against a horrible Broncos pass D.
5. Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints: The Saints could get more of their offensive weapons back this week which means even more cooks in the kitchen. He’ll get looks, and even a touchdown, but he isn’t an elite start.
The Sit List:
1. T.O. – Cincinnati Bengals: T.O is good when he faces bad cover men and bad when he faces good cover men.

Coach Rex Ryan is playing coy with the Bengals by saying he wants them to believe Revis will be exclusive to T.O. when in actuality he will “be all over the place”.

Yeah, OK coach! T.O. has a one way ticket to Revis Island, and it won’t be pretty for Owners, so sit him.

2. MSW – Jacksonville Jaguars: MSW is dealing with an ankle sprain, but has been able to do some light duty in practice, which is nice, because he is still nothing more than a sit candidate heading into a matchup with the stingy Giants on tap.
3. Steve Smith – Carolina Panthers: This will be the last time mentioning Steve Smith on a sit list. He has been MIA all year long, and that isn’t going to change.
4. Patrick Crayton – San Diego Chargers: Patrick Crayton has been diagnosed with a dislocated wrist and is in jeopardy of missing the entire season. He is safe to keep on your bench this week.
5. Donald Driver – Green Bay Packers: Driver remains not 100 percent, and just simply isn’t much of a fantasy option at all heading into Week 12.