WR Week 8 Start Sit: The Big Board!

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Every week or so, fantasy managers are faced with an unusual amount of questions to answer when it comes to their teams, and this looks as if it could be one of those weeks.

When looking at all the available players to discuss, I felt there were just too many options to put in a 10 on 10 format, so I have made a minor adjustment for this week.

I will rifle through 25 players who I feel get the most attention each week from their owners, regarding whether to start or sit them. I’ll simply start off with the start list, move into a new list entitled The Risk List, and end with the usual sit list.

I think with all of the options this week, it’s a better way to “spread the field” so to speak. It is, however, inevitable that some names will not make this list, so by all means make sure to inquire within and provide your format and roster to choose from the same way you all have done thus far.

The Start List: A collection of players who must be active this week.
1. Santana Moss – WSH – Must Start of the Week: I really do not see the Lions coming into this week and stopping Santana Moss’ revived season in any way shape or form. The Lions have serious issues covering just about anyone, and Moss already has a sick total of 548 yards on 42 grabs with two scores. Don’t be surprised if you see him grab two more TDs this week, either.
2. Calvin Johnson – DET: Speaking of Detroit, guess who’s healthy again? That’s right Megatron AND Matthew Stafford. Guess who also has trouble covering deep receivers? Correct again, The Washington Redskins…boy you guys are good at this!
3. Reggie Wayne – IND: Houston made some adjustments to the interior of their defense, which is nice, but won’t be a solution for Reggie Wayne. It’s a great matchup to start him in this week.
4. Andre Johnson – HOU: You have to think that the Colts are going to do everything they can to prevent a repeat of Arian Foster’s 238 yard/ 3 TD Week One performance, which means the lanes will be opened up for Johnson to be the next guy from Houston to put a hurting on them.
5. Miles Austin – DAL: I know that Jon Kitna is the QB in Dallas now, and I know that could mean a fantasy hit on Austin, but for cripes sake he faces the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. How do you avoid that matchup? Easy, you don’t .
6. Brandon Marshall – MIA: The more the Dolphins turn to Marshall, they more they seem to remember how good this guy actually is, and I believe this week they will look for him more in the end zone than in previous matchups. He’s a great start this week, and every week going forward.
7. Mike Wallace – PITT: Wallace was left alone last week in favor of fellow receiver Hines Ward, because of the matchup for Ward being more favorable—and it was the right decision. Look for Wallace to get back on track against DB Patrick Robinson who is a better matchup for Big Ben to exploit, than Ward against Jabari Greer.
8. Pierre Garcon – IND: He knows that every game is a chance to steal time away from Austin Collie and this is a perfect opportunity to show what he can do.
9. Larry Fitzgerald – ARI: Wait, what? Fitz on a start list? I still can’t ignore his big play ability against a Tampa team that couldn’t cover a mattress with a bed sheet. I believe he has a chance to provide fantasy owners a great deal of points this week against the Bucs.
10. Brandon Lloyd – DEN: Lloyd was a no-show last week for Denver, but then again, the entire Broncos team was seemingly a no-show. I think that Lloyd gets back on track against San Francisco, and is a quality start this week, but it could be his last good game going forward. It may be time to consider selling high if he does what I think he’s gonna do in Jolly old London this week.
The Risk List: A collection of players who have less than great matchups, but could surprise this week.
1. Hines Ward – PITT: Ward will inevitably do something this week, but it won’t be close to his explosive performance from a week ago against cover man Jabari Greer. Greer is just too good to allow that to happen, and Mike Wallace is primed to school rookie Patrick Robinson this week. I really can’t see Ward doing anything more than 5 catches for 52 yards.
2. Patrick Crayton – SD: Look at what we have here. Another revived player in Mr. Crayton. Malcom Floyd is expected to miss another game, and while Crayton remains a solid WR choice, playing a slightly improved Titans defense only qualifies him as a risky WR2 start this week. Well that, and there isn’t much upside for touchdowns as long as Gates is running around out there.
3. Kenny Britt – TEN: I really believe this guy is legit, but he won’t repeat his thrashing of the Eagles against a much better defending Chargers team. Britt may come back down to earth a bit, that only means he is lowered from WR1 to WR2.
4. Santonio Holmes – NYJ: As time goes on, Holmes is expected to be used more and more. He has had a week off to further learn the system, and has already caught 7 balls for 88 yards. This week’s matchup against the Packers could go either way since the Packers are really hurting in their secondary, but have played surprisingly well for having so many injuries. Take your chances if you have no other options that are better.
5. Steve Johnson – BUF: Another guy who I believe is legit, Johnson is a guy who has scored in four straight games including last week’s game where everyone was convinced he would be shut down by that Ravens defense—myself included, much to my chagrin. The Chiefs cover very well led by Brandon Flowers, but exactly how the Chiefs cover Johnson and fellow teammate Lee Evans is left to be seen. He’s solid, but a bit risky of a play this week.
6. Greg Jennings – GB: Jennings is a solid start every week, but finds himself way down on the totem pole with that duo of Cromartie and Revis as the main coverage guys. But they are facing an explosive Packers offense in their own right. Choice is yours, kids.
7. Mike Williams – SEA: Williams has benefited greatly from the departure of Deion Branch but the Raiders should quiet the youngster up a bit this week. I would go with a better option if you have one.
8. Mike Williams – TB: I like what this kid can do, but it’s a crap shoot each week. I also believe Rodgers-Cromartie will return from the bye a better cover man that what he has been thus far. He’s a risky start in my book.
9. Danny Amendola - STL: Amendola is a focal point in the Rams’ offense, but so is Brandon Gibson, who might I add, is a great Waiver Wire grab. Amendola has yet to produce some big plays, and I don’t think it’s going to start against the Panthers, who will be hungry for their second victory in a row.
10. Randy Moss – MIN: We won’t know about Favre until later this week, and whether it’s Favre or not, Moss isn’t going to light it up against his former team just yet. But because it is Randy Moss, you have to think he’s at least a risky play, rather than a sit candidate.
The Sit List: Players who utterly belong on your bench.
1. Dwayne Bowe – KC: Bowe returns to his normal mention on the sit list with that Buffalo secondary coming to town. Bowe has had two really solid weeks, grant it, but I am thinking that the Chiefs will try to run first, since the Bills are pretty good at covering, and are pretty bad against the run. He just isn't a good start this week.
2. David Gettis – CAR: Don’t make the mistake of jumping on a guy’s train just because he had one good week. Remember that St. Louis is a much better cover team than San Francisco.
3. Michael Crabtree – SF: Ex Raven Troy Smith will be the featured QB in San Fran this weekend, which means Crabtree is nothing more than bench material in your league. Sit him this week for sure.
4. T.O. – CIN: I don’t see T.O. repeating his last three performances against a Miami team that is very difficult to pass against. I also believe that the Bengals will look to get back to running the ball more this week as well. Keep T.O. on the bench.
5. Brandon Tate – NE: Many believed that Tate would just waltz in and take over the deep threat responsibilities that Randy Moss held, but many of those people probably don’t watch a lot of football either. It isn’t working out, and he (Tate) will be rather silent this week against a very good Minnesota defense. Make sure you sit the kid.

There we have, and remember, if there is anyone in specific you want to know about just leave your question below as always, and I’ll get to it right away. Good luck this week, guys!