10 Years Of Top 3 Picks: How Do Teams Look To Rebuild

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    A team that lands in the top 3, is typically the worst of the worst. They are a team in rebuilding mode. Top 3 picks are usually used as the cornerstone of a rebuilding effort. Looking at the top 3 picks over the last 10 years, what tendencies do you see? What area's to teams look at, do they look to fortify the trenchs, look for QB's, look for skill players? What type of prospects do they look at, the safe pick, the high risk/high reward type

    Look at the last 10 years and judging by the top of the draft, what are teams looking to do when they try to franchise cornerstone


    Michal Vick, QB

    Leonard Davis, OT

    Gerrard Warren, DT


    David Carr, QB

    Julius Peppers, DE

    Joey Harrington, QB


    Carson Palmer, QB

    Charles Rogers, WR

    Andre Johnson, WR


    Eli Manning, QB

    Robert Gallery, OT

    Larry Fitsgerald, WR


    Alex Smith, QB

    Ronnie Brown, HB

    Braylon Edwards, WR


    Mario Williams, DE

    Reggie Bush, HB

    Vince Young, QB


    Jamrcus Russel, QB

    Calvin Johnson, WR

    Joe Thomas, OT


    Jake Long, OT

    Chris Long, DE

    Matt Ryan, QB


    Matthew Stafford, QB

    Jason Smith, OT

    Tyson Jackson, DE


    Sam Bradford, QB

    Ndamukong Suh, DT

    Gerald McCoy, DT
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    -Looking at it, Im surprised by how many teams in the mid part of the decade looked to get skill players to build around. In every instance expect Fitzgerald, it failed

    -Only 2 backs have been taken in the top 3. Only 1 1,000 yard season between them, and Brown only broke it by a mear 8 yards

    -Seems the past few years teams are wising up towards building through the trench's. Teams are looking for big guys with those picks

    - Only three edge rushers, surprising

    - At least 1 QB in the top 3 each the last 10 years. Not surprising

    - Tyson Jackson ( case could be made for Russel, but the whole world knew he was going that high) is the only player universaly considered a reach at the time he was drafted. Doesnt seem teams wanted to be too cute with those picks.

    - Supremely athletic OT's drafted high due to workouts........only twice (Davis, Smith) in the top 3
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    Picks by position:

    QB: 11
    RB: 2
    WR: 5
    TE: 0
    OT: 5
    OG: 0
    C : 0
    DE: 4
    DT: 3
    LB: 0
    FS: 0
    SS: 0
  4. Jihad Joe

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    Looking through it, Im actually shocked so may WR's went that high. Same amount as OT's. But then again, it all happened within a few years, and that trend seems dead
  5. SRW

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    Two of the five receivers were the Lions. So that's like a mulligan, right?
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    I was thinking thw same thing
  7. 86WARD

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    It's amazing how bad the QB crop that is listed there is...

    2001-2008. One Super Bowl. 4 out of the 8 either out of football or damn close to it. 4 playoff QBs...was Young a playoff QB? If so, make it 5. Brutal...you'd expect a lot more out of a Top 3 pick...
  8. SRW

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    Yeah Young was a playoff QB, he started in 2007 vs the Chargers.
  9. Jihad Joe

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    Has gotten ALOT better the past few years however. Both Bradford and Ryan were quality starters out of the gate, and Stafford has been a quality starter
  10. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    And two others taken in the top 10. Roy and Mike Williams
  11. scouting has gotten alot better in recent years.

    On a different note it's amazing how well this fits the idea teams should have that draft in the top lets say 5.

    They should focus on 4 spots. QB, LT, DE/ OLB in 3-4, and CB.

    If teams don't have an elite player at these spots they MUST get one.

    A WR is likely not going to turn around an offense.
  12. 86WARD

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    I wasn't counting Stafford and Bradford yet...
  13. cpgobrowns

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    I was thinking the same thing. The only reason Fitzgerald didn't fail as a rebuilding strategy was the resurgence of Kurt Warner, which put the need for a franchise QB on hold for a bit.
  14. The Mullet

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    Fitz and I'd say Andre worked out pretty well
  15. Jihad Joe

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    As a player, yes. As a team, they never made the playoffs with him, and have only had one winning season since they drafted him