1st Mock Draft

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  1. Guys this is a very early attempt at a mock draft. Hope you enjoy it. :icon_cheesygrin:

    1. Carolina Panthers

    QB Andrew Luck (Stanford)

    no surprise here. Jimmy Clausen was taken in the second round last year and struggled mightily as a rookie. Even more concerning than that was his teammates intense dislike of him and him not showing anything worth developing despite numerous opportunities. He didn't look like a franchise QB and Luck looks like one it's as simple as that.

    2. Denver Broncos

    DE Marcell Daureus (Alabama)

    The Broncos haven't been able to find an elite 3-4 DE. They've had to get by using career backups and guys in the twilight of their careers. This year they were 31st at stopping the run. Daureus has a ton of potential and has plenty of experience in the 3-4. He was injured most of this year but when healthy lived in opponent's backfields.

    3. Buffalo Bills

    OLB(3-4) Da'quan Bowers (Clemson)

    the Bills are desperate for a pass rush and a LB. They ranked 32nd in stopping the run and their leading sack leader had 5.5 sacks.

    4. Cincinnati Bengals

    WR A.J. Green (UGA)

    I don't think they're going to give up on Carson Palmer yet. That will happen next year. T.O. and Ocho Cinco are free agents and the depth behind them is decent but not spectacular.

    5. Arizona Cardinals

    OLB (3-4) Robert Quinn (North Carolina)

    This is the toughest of the top 5. They are desperate for some pass rush help as their current pass rushers have aged and need to be replaced.

    6. Cleveland Browns

    WR Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma State)

    Mccoy may be a franchise qb or he may not but the team should give him time to prove it either way. He was thrown right into the fire as a rookie and performed quite well. The team is desperate for some weapons as Brian Robiskie hasn't proven himself.

    7. San Francisco 49ers

    QB Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)

    Gabbert announced his plans to enter the draft today. He should be exactly what the 49ers are looking for. He is accurate and a smart guy. Assuming they hire Jim Harbaugh his offense DEMANDS intelligence on the field and off.

    8. Tennessee Titans (my favorite team :D)

    DT Nick Fairley (Auburn)

    (It looks like Vince Young is staying in town)

    not a big fan of this guy but we need a big DT. He has a great motor and good size and lives in opponents backfield.

    9. Dallas Cowboys

    CB Patrick Peterson (LSU)

    Dallas secondary was awful last year. Newman was the best player in the secondary but is aging. Jenkins was awful so an insurance policy for him would be convenient. Peterson is also a MAJOR factor in the return game.

    10. Washington Redskins

    WR Julio Jones (Alabama)

    the Redskins have almost no weapons on offense. Jones will be a great help and has the potential to pair very well with Santana Moss.

    11. Houston Texans

    DT Stephen Paea (Oregon State)

    I know I know. This seems a little high for him but I think he could be a guy who gets overdrafted because of a strong combine. The Texans are DESPERATE for a safety but none are worth picking this high. They need to get a DT who can help stop the run and pass rush. Paea can do both.

    12. Minnesota Vikings

    QB Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)

    can you imagine Mallett with their WR's? This is exactly the situation Mallett needs. Favre is done, Jackson is a FA and hasn't shown much, and Webb is way way way far from being a good starter.

    13. Detroit Lions

    CB Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)

    If he is still on the board the Lions will literally take less than a minute to decide. They have the worst starting CB's in the league and they desperately desperately need to upgrade.

    14. St. Louis Rams

    WR Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)

    It was never more apparent they need more playmakers than Sunday. Yes their starting wr's have struggled with injuries but they aren't true great wr's anyway. Bradford needs some weapons and Floyd is a great one despite having a down year.

    15. Miami Dolphins

    RB Mark Ingram (Alabama)

    Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are both FA's. Neither was as effective as they've been in the past and it's widely assumed Williams is retiring.

    16. Jacksonville Jaguars

    QB Cam Newton (Auburn)

    Garrard is average at best and they need a long term solution. Rumor is they were interested in Tebow last year.

    17. Oakland (N.E Patriots pick)

    OLB (3-4) Von Miller (Texas a&m)

    the Pats don't have a stand out pass rusher and they could use one.

    18. San Diego Chargers

    OT Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin)

    The Chargers have a weakness at RT. Carimi could be an elite option in the Chargers offense. They ranked 15th in rushing this past year and drafted RB Ryan Matthews last year. Carimi is a punishing run blocker.

    19. New York Giants

    MLB Greg Jones (Michigan St.)

    The Giants released Antonio Pierce and didn't find a good replacement for him. Jones could help immensely. In addition, Jones can play OLB which could be useful in NY.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    DE Cameron Jordan (Cal.)

    Jordan has the ability to play in a 3-4 scheme and a 4-3 scheme. His Dad played in the NFL and Jordan will follow and should be a stud. He would boost a pass rush that's leading sack leader had only 4.5 sacks.

    21. Seattle Seahawks*

    QB Jake Locker (Washington)

    Seattle would love the hometown kid to drop to them. Pete Carrol has shown through his coaching career he doesn't mind developing a young guy and is used to seeing Locker as he played vs. him when he coached at USC. The Seahawks have Hasselbeck who is older and often injured and Charlie Whitehurst who hasn't shown much.

    22. Kansas City Chiefs*

    OLB (3-4) Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue)

    Scott Pioli will be enticed by Kerrigan's unstoppable motor. He may remind him of Mike Vrabel who is nearing the end of his great career.

    23. Indianapolis Colts*

    OT Derek Sherrod (Miss. State)

    The Colts MUST protect Manning. LT Charlie Johnson is a below avg. starter and is also a free agent after the season. The Colts need to upgrade.

    24. Philadelphia Eagles*

    CB Aaron Williams (Texas)

    The Longhorns have a tendency to produce some great CB's. Williams is the next in a long line of great Longhorns and the Eagles are desperate for CB help. Ellis Hobbs seems to be retiring and Dimitri Patterson is better as a Nickeback.

    25. Green Bay Packers*

    CB Janoris Jenkins (Florida)

    The Pack have Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams. Both are playing at a very very high level. However, the depth behind them is poor and Woodson is 34. How much longer can he play at a high level?

    26. New Orleans Saints*

    OLB Akeem Ayers (UCLA)

    The Saints lost Scott Fujita last year to the Browns and never did find a replacement. OLB is the major weakness on the team and Ayers would fill it well. He is ultra athletic which will fit the Saints defense. Scott Shanle and Danny Clark are both well below average starters.

    27. Chicago Bears*

    OT Nate Solder (Colorado)

    The Bears have former 1st rounder Chris Williams here but he is often injured and isn't a very good starter when healthy. The Bears could move him to RT and have Solder at LT. He is a raw player but the former TE is very athletic. He should impress at the combine.

    28. New York Jets*

    DE Adrian Clayborn (Iowa)

    The Jets could use another DE in their 3-4 scheme. Shaun Ellis is aging but is still one of the top 3-4 DE's in the game. Trevor Pryce isn't a good starter and all the other guys who play the spot are backup rotational guys.

    29. Baltimore Ravens*

    CB Brandon Burton (Utah)

    Burton is a great young CB who just needs some polishing. You know you need help at CB when you have Chris Carr starting at CB. They are desperate for a CB who could be like Chris Mccalister.

    30. Pittsburgh Steelers*

    OT Anthony Castonzo (Boston College)

    Likely a RT only prospect at the next level Castonzo slips to here. He is a great run blocker and should be able to fit right in at RT in Pittsburgh where they've been starting Jonathan Scott. At the very least he could provide some nice competition for Flozell Adams and the other OT's on the team.

    31. Atlanta Falcons*

    DE J.J. Watt (Wisconsin)

    The strongman Watt is necessary for an Atlanta team that needs someone opposite John Abraham as Kroy Bierrman is more of a rotational guy.

    32. New England Patriots*

    WR Torrey Smith (Maryland)

    the sure handed flyer from Maryland could be the Patriots new Randy Moss. He also possesses great hands, unlike former Terrapin Darius Heyward-Bey.

    *- Subject to Playoffs

  2. Jones was another guy I had in mind recently......he's the most complete MLB in this draft. Has great sideline-to-sideline speed and could also kick in outside in the NFL. Goff did an okay job this year but it wouldn't hurt to add someone like Jones. Goff could move outside at SAM.

    Now that Bruce Carter had ACL surgery in December......his stock will likely drop significantly since he won't be able to resume football activities until September and won't be able to workout for scouts.
  3. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    I want the Steelers to go after Mike Pouncey and put him back at guard. The Pouncey brothers on our line would be nasty.
  4. agreed but you guys have plenty of OG's and not many OT's.
  5. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman #1 Trap Star

    I'm not hating on Blackmon, but I think that's considerably too high to draft him. If Cleveland is drafting a receiver that high, it has to be Green. Otherwise a front seven player or a trade down would make much more sense IMO.
  6. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Starks will be back, he's still a solid LT, and we can re-sign Colon or even re-sign Flozell Adams for another year while we groom another young RT we may get in another round, but I want Mike Pouncey NOW
  7. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman #1 Trap Star

    I think it would be a huge upset pick to select Blackmon that high with Fairley still on the board.
  8. I expect Blackmon's stock to go up and the Browns need a big play WR.
  9. CStevenson13

    CStevenson13 1st Stringer

    Is it like the cliche thing to pencil in a corner for the Ravens in the first??? Foxworth is already running and lifting, Carr has been solid all year long, Wilson as well and Webb is a good young corner. Our problem is lack of pass rush, DE or OT is alot more likely in the first
  10. CStevenson13

    CStevenson13 1st Stringer

    I agree
  11. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I'd love to see Pouncey as well. I think Flozell is already signed for a second season.
  12. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Also as far as your pick goes adam, Scott plays LT, Flozell plays RT.
  13. warcrychief

    warcrychief Ur just da assistant Pimp

    oh this is a welcomed site...Chiefs not in the top 15 of picks...
  14. P J Shaker

    P J Shaker GO BLUE!!!

    i think Mallet will go higher, Luck will be the first QB taken but i think Mallet the best NFL type QB in the draft ...i see him being the 2nd QB taken. A lot can change after tonight's bowl game though
  15. this is likely imho. But impossible to put into a mock draft haha.
  16. you guys are 21st in stopping the pass you need a CB. Carr? Webb? Wilson? All these guys are castoffs from other teams.

    I thought about a pass rusher but you guys just grabbed Kindle. Seems a bit premature to give up on him.

    OT? Are you assuming you lose Gaither?
  17. that's a fair point. I'm not that high on Mallett myself but I understand the intrigue. The reason I have Gabbert going higher is because he fits Harbaugh's offense. (assuming Harbaugh gets the job)
  18. CStevenson13

    CStevenson13 1st Stringer

    Yea because lack of a pass rush, watch our games, when the play gets extended whether it be a conservative call or just nobody getting there, our corners have been solid all year, especially when they sat fabian, and we are getting foxworth back next season. Dont let the Houston game fool you, mattison went vanilla and sent 3 every play in that comeback, had nothing to do with the corners. Unless an unexpected one drops(Oz never sacrifices value), you wont see one taken in the first 3 rounds, just not the need the general public thinks it is.

    Kindle is very iffy, and seeing that he just got busted for a dui im not even sure he'll be with the team but i wasnt referring to a 3-4 outside backer. We need a young impact 3-4 DE.

    As far as Gaither, who knows, but i know a what could be chronic back issues, plus contract dispute could mean they let him walk which means we need a RT.
  19. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro

    Yeah, I agree, it is kinda cliche to say the Ravens need a corner. It's been true the past few years but not this year. Chris Carr has had a breakout season and is almost a shutdown corner. (I don't think he has any picks, because quarterbacks just don't throw his way very often.) adam, you are mistaken about Webb. He was an '09 draft pick and didn't come from another team. He was easily our best corner last year and contributed significantly on special teams and started 4 games at corner before tearing his acl. after a slow start (he clearly wasn't fully re-adjusted to the speed of the game), Webb is back. Wilson is solid and can make big plays. Best move of the season was benching Washington. A much bigger area of need is the pass rush. I would be shocked if Kindle was on the team next year. Fractured skull + DUI = bust, gone. I sure hope Gaither's back turns out OK, because I think he's an improvement over Yanda.
  20. King Romo

    King Romo Cowboys and Yankees

    I would be absoultely thrilled to see peterson drop to us but i doubt it happens.