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  1. Kyle Rudolph is also another player I like to see with the G-Men. Reminds me of Jeremy Shockey without the headaches. His play reminds me of Shockey's early days with Big Blue but could ultimately be even better. The CBA could determine whether we re-sign Kevin Boss as Jerry Reese said they won't re-sign any of their FA's until a new CBA is placed.
  2. I still think you guys need an elite CB. I understand you guys only have one legit pass rusher though.

    are you guys giving up on Paul Kruger? I'll probably give you guys a 3-4 DE next time I do a mock. That was the other spot I was considering as well.

    yeah that's a good point.
  3. I think it could definitely happen.

    let's look at the picks before Dallas:

    Carolina- NO
    Broncos- may go CB
    Bills- No
    Bengals- No
    Cardinals- possible but rumor is they want a pass rusher.
    Browns- No
    49ers- possible but they need a franchise qb
    Titans- No
  4. yeah that's a good point. I just can't see Boss leaving. I get the logic though.
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    No not giving up on him, but he's more of a backup at this point. Besides Ngata and Cody in time we dont have any impact guys on the D-Line. Cam Jordan would be nice, thanks :icon_cheesygrin:
  6. haha. Probably will give you guys him next mock.
  7. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    i want it to be known that if they take castonzo over heyward/brandon harris/pouncey/bailey i WILL punch a baby

    floyd wont go that high, and torrey smith wont even come close to going that high
  8. a 3-4 DE? You guys just got Ziggy Hood. I guess one for the other side?

    I don't get the need for an interior linemen. You guys could easily move Colon to OG from OT.

    what makes you so sure Floyd and Smith won't go that high?
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  9. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    evander hood is terrible.....he has come on to play above mediocre the last 2 weeks but hes not a good LDE in a 34, heyward would be perfect. Keisel isnt really a young guy either and with his legs and aaron smiths arms in complete shambles we need young DEs

    RG is an abortion for the steelers, colon to RG is something weve all been craving for years....i just dont think its going to happen, besides colon cant pull like we need, hes a drive blocker.

    floyd looks like a second round pick if he even declares, but 14 is probably way to high for him at this point....this WR class is legendary but his injury concerns and lack of speed to separate will hinder his stock this year, i really think he needs to stay at school.

    my WR rankings looks like this

    Julio Jones
    AJ Green
    Justin Blackmon
    Michael Floyd
    Leonard hankerson
    Greg Little
    jonathan Baldwin
    Torrey Smith
    Austin Pettis

    smith going in the first would be more like buster davis or anthony gonzalas sneaking into the first.....possible, but not really justifiable
  10. ok good point Man. Wasn't aware Hood was a bust.

    what about moving Colon to LG and having whoever you guys have at LG to RG.

    fair enough on your other 2 points. I have Floyd too high.

    I think Smith has a chance to go 1st rd. He is blazing fast, is a returner, and can actually catch. I'll be interested to see how his combine goes.
  11. btw on your list youre missing Titus Young.
  12. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    i wouldnt say hood is a "bust" yet but hes a disappointment and training camp hero...and i hate him

    we require our LG to pull ALOT, kemoeatu is ok at doing it, colon at guard in our system is interesting but at this point (all the recognition hes got as a top tier RT) he wouldnt switch to guard.

    i think torrey smith is a fine player, but in a legendary WR class he wont sniff the first round, especially with incredible depth at much more highly regarded positions (DL, CB, QB) all valued higher than wrs usually in a draft.

    i also think scouts are catching on to Ralph Friedgen's tactics, hes not at maryland anymore but he has made a career on finding these recruits who arent really "football players" but insane athletes and track stars and puts them in pads.....wonder why vernon davis took years to catch on in the pros? why bruce campbell despite being 6-8 310 pounds and blazing fast shows huge struggles in what he should excel at? or why everyone said DHB didnt have natural hands? or why merriman needed roids to be the monster he was? its all the same thing. maryland was a big, strong, fast team during his tenure...al davis-like talent scouting

    even kris jenkins and jared gaither fell further than they should have....insane athletes for the position, but sometimes thats not enough

    clearly smith should be better than DHB, but i dont hold it against DHB going 7th, hes not a bust to me....theres no way he should have gone over crabtree/maclin/britt/nicks....hes what i thought he was.

    theres my little rant lol, i needed me some draft talk, im better now
  13. CP26

    CP26 Im Back Mofos

    Can't see how skins are gonna draft a WR when they despertly need LB's, QB DL and OL
  14. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    yeah im not sure id complain about julio jones regardless of my teams needs....imo hes being slept on, hes been my #1 for a while now. i would bet that hes a much more productive pro than he was college player

    with peterson off the board the pick before the skins hes imo by far the best player left
  15. CStevenson13

    CStevenson13 1st Stringer

    Im not, i want him at the end of the 2nd :icon_cheesygrin:
  16. CStevenson13

    CStevenson13 1st Stringer

    I get the same feeling about Jones, i know people have knocked him because they dont feel he has natural hands but his route running is better, he's just makes plays, he goes up to get the football, not to mention his blocking.
  17. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    jones makes freak catches too...some of the craziest ones ive ever seen. hes a decent route runner, a nightmare to tackle, a crushing blocker (best blocking wr ive ever seen) hes freakishy fast for his size, and he has been decent at bama despite poor QB play, heavy heavy run offense, and no threat across from him
  18. they have no playmakers.

    Shanahan needs some playmakers.

    every position you bring up is valid I just can't see the Skins turning down a great WR.
  19. The Redskins started the season with Santana Moss and Joey Galloway at the receiver position.

    And you can't rely on Anthony Armstrong as a full time receiver when he is literally 150 pounds soaking wet. (Hes actually 149 pounds.)

    I think they should consider trading for Kyle Orton and maybe draft someone like Julio Jones. Maybe they'll consider someone like Gabbert or Locker but you need weapons to surround him and other than Moss and Cooley....thye don't have anyone else.

    Trade for Orton and draft Jones. And I would give Torain a shot as the featured back.
  20. CP26

    CP26 Im Back Mofos

    hahaha well I see valid points here and If there is no other other player left at that spot maybe With Moss getting old and HOPEFULLY Malcolm Kelly wakes up if we pick up Julio Jones, I think wed be ok but Shanahan wants a QB. Don't think he will stay with Grossman on opening day.