2008 Olympic Games

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  1. Fez

    Fez Chicharooney!!!

    In terms of officiating, these had to be the worst Olympics EVER.

    Gymnastics, boxing, TKD, diving (an extra point or point and a half to the chinese, as if they need those), you name it... You always had the feeling that they were favoring someone, that they were blowing calls left and right.

    And what's with the new sports anyway? BMX? What's this, the OlympiX? And trampoline? Yeah, something for those suckers who couldn't quite make it in gymnastics and were too afraid of water to give diving a chance. It's a shame that they include that crap and baseball saw the light for the last time this year as an olympic sport.
  2. InfinitePulse

    InfinitePulse disgusted.

    Trampoline is a part of gymnastics, and they've introduced many sports over the years...you think baseball was in the original Olympics?
  3. Fez

    Fez Chicharooney!!!

    Yes, I know they're technically "part" of gymnastics, but still it's a chimp stuff compared to the rest of gymnastics.

    So what if baseball was not in the original Olympics? Neither were Judo, TKD, Volleyball, Basketball, and even Soccer wasn't played in the original ones. What's your point? I think Baseball should be there and if it were up to me, I'd drop these ones:

    - Synchronized diving (but not synchronized swimming). And yes, I know that's one of two sports where we got a medal.
    - BMX.
    - Trampoline.

    And I'm on the fence about badminton and table tennis... if squash was taken out of the olympics, why not those?

    On top of that, I'd change the rules for boxing. Take the head protectors off, beat the crap outta your opponent. First one to fall twice loses. Old-school and takes the crappy officiating out of the question.
  4. TJ

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    OMG, officiating in Boxing was awful!!! I had watched boxing my whole life, and I had never seen a fighter to fall down during the fight and still win the decision.
  5. RonMexico7

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    Yeah, that's me, ugly American wanting to Americanize the Olympics. I believe cricket was in my original statement of sports that should be added and I seriously doubt that we would be medal contenders anytime in the near future, if ever. And I don't care for the sport so that shoots down most of your arguments. I also offered up synchonized swimming to be axed and I think we've medaled in that a few times in the past. There are foosball leagues across Europe as well, should it be an Olympic sport? Ping Pong and Badmitton are recreational activities, not sports. They can have leagues and world championships all they want, they just don't belong in the Olympics. All the judged events, winter and summer, should be combined into an "Artistic Olympics".

    Oh yeah, softball was axed because we dominated it so much, not because it wasn't popular.
  6. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    lol, just found out was foosball is...., nope we don't have leagues running for Table Football, but we have for badminton or table tennis, so you can call it popular over here. For Soft- or Baseball almost nowbody gives a crap over here.
    We ain't a little paranoid, ain't we?