2018 MLB Hall of Fame Inductees

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    Alan Trammel: Years played: 1977-1996
    1977-1996 Detroit

    Jack Morris: Years played: 1977-1994
    1977-1990 Detroit/1991 Minnesota/1992-1993 Toronto/1994 Cleveland

    Chipper Jones: Years played: 1993-2012
    1993-2012 Atlanta

    Vladamir Guerrero: Years played: 1996-2011
    1996-2003 Montreal/2004-2009 Anaheim/2010 Texas/2011 Baltimore

    Trevor Hoffman: Years played: 1993-2010
    1993 Florida & San Diego/1994-2008 San Diego/2009-2010 Milwaukee

    Jim Thome: Years played: 1991-2012
    1991-2002 Cleveland/2003-2005 Philadelphia/2006-2008 Chicago White Sox/2009 Chicago White Sox & Los Angeles Dodgers/2010 Minnesota/2011 Minnesota & Cleveland/2012 Philadelphia & Baltimore
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    So happy for Thome. One of my favorite all-time players.
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