2020 Wild Card Weekend

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    The quest to a perfect gambling postseason begins again.

    Only this time, instead of picking 11 games correctly, thanks to the new playoff format, I have to pick 13. I started this about 5 years ago. The closest I got was 9-2.

    Also, in order to not develop a gambling problem, I decided that all my winnings would go to something other than myself. The past couple of years I used them to buy toys or stuff for my dog, but...I don't have a dog anymore. Long story short: I broke up with my girlfriend after 3 years and she kept her. I can't keep her anyway because my apartment building doesn't allow pets (I'm moving away soon and getting a new one, so don't cry for me). Even though she offered visitation rights (like it was a freakin' divorce), I declined because it would be awkward...especially now that I'm about to start a new relationship.

    So I haven't decided what I'll do with whatever I'll win, but I'll sure as hell won't keep it...

    The budget is 1000 Mexican pesos, which translates to roughly 50 US dollars. No teasers, no parlays, just pick all 13 games against the spread. Here we go:

    Bills -6.5 over Colts (150 pesos)
    Josh Allen reminds me a lot of a young Troy Aikman. He looked like a bust his rookie year and has slowly developed from shitty QB to half decent QB last year, to super star this year. I don't see how the Colts will keep up.

    Seahawks -4 over Rams (200 pesos)
    Never bet on a back-up QB. Let Russ cook. Easy money.

    Football Team +8 over Bucs (150 pesos)
    My upset special. I don't think the Team can win but they will make it close. Washington's DL has the recipee used to beat Brady for years. A 4-man pass rush that will make him miserable all game. I still think the Bucs pull a close win.

    Titans +3 over Ravens (150 pesos)
    Same as last year. King Henry will have another 200-yard game.

    Saints -10 over Bears (200 pesos)
    Trubisky on the road in the playoffs against Drew Brees? Why, thank you!!

    Steelers -6 over Browns (150 pesos)
    Half the Browns roster got covid in the worst posible time. They even lost their HC and the NFL won't let him coach remotely according to what I read on Twitter. Steelers cruise to an easy win.

    Let's do this...
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    Glad to hear you are already starting a new relationship. Sometimes it's not so easy after a break-up of such a long time. Really sucks about the dog though. It's coming up on 7 years since my divorce and I still miss the dogs..haha.

    I don't gamble at all. I do a pick'em league for fun during the season. Even though there is no money on the line, if there is a game that I need to win the week or get closer to first place I get way more intense about it than I should. So I'm best not adding money to the equation lol.

    I don't even like picking games during the playoffs. I like to watch them and just root from the heart for whichever team I prefer.
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    It happened almost like my divorce 6 years ago. Things got bad so gradually, we didn't even notice...until one day it just was over. The quarantine didn't help, either. Now for the past couple of weeks I've been "dating" (if by dating you mean watch movies on Netflix, first each in their house and lately together because we can't go anywhere else) this girl I met years ago, and it turned out I was her crush, but she didn't approach me because I was married, and now I like her too, and stuff has happened and...you know what? Life is too short...we're going for it. Whatever happens I'm fine. Sure, I miss the dog, but as my mom told me "well, at least it's not a kid". I managed to move on better than the last time. Therapy helps.

    Anyway, back to the playoffs. I usually don't gamble, either...but this has turned into a challenge for me, trying to pick every playoff game correctly. 1000 pesos is not that much, I spend that on worse things xD.

    I'm having doubts about the Washington pick...maybe I'm getting too cute...
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  4. TJ

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    Welp...I'm out after just one game :(

    Let's see if I can get 11
  5. DawkinsINT

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    That game was a fun one to start the playoffs though. That Colts kicker will not be sleeping well tonight.
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  6. TJ

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    0-2-1 and down 350 pesos after the first day. Yikes.
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  7. TJ

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    I took a beating this weekend. Went 1-4-1 and now I only have 550 pesos left. I'll recover in the divisional round, you wait and see...

    What the Browns did was amazing...never saw it coming.
  8. TJ

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    We interrupt the playoffs and my financial decline to inform that the Eagles have fired Doug Pederson. They choose to try to fix Wentz, I guess...

    So much for the 5-year grace period after winning a Super Bowl.
  9. DawkinsINT

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    I had a lot going on over the weekend and only really watched Colts-Bills and Titans-Ravens in their entirety. I too was surprised by the Browns win. Can't believe they had lost 17 straight in Pittsburgh before that. They are a fun team to watch.

    I'm not sure that firing Pederson was the right move. Roseman is a way bigger problem. They have no players because he can't draft. I'm not sure who want to be the HC of the team the way it is right now.
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  10. TJ

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    I guessed that would happen after I read a report that Wentz said his relationship with Pederson was "broken beyond repair". It's easier and cheaper to fire the coach in that case, considering you'd owe the QB a ton of money and cap space if you get rid of him.

    It will be interesting to see who they bring, or who accepts the job...
  11. DawkinsINT

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    Early reports are that Doug wanted more control than what the team was willing to give him. Starting to sound like he may made the decision to leave as opposed to the other way. My fingers are still crossed that they get rid of Roseman.
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  12. DawkinsINT

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    And suddenly Ron Rivera is the longest tenured HC in the NFC East...haha.
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    I don't want to scare you, but the Eagles interviewed Adam Gase today and apparently it went well and he's now a "front runner" for the job (((putting on Adam Schefter's glasses))) per sources :p