2023 Conference Championship

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    I had a perfect round 2 and I'm starting to think that if I wasn't such a homer and remembered Joe Flacco is pretty much my age, I'd be perfect right now. But hey, I have secured a profit in my challenge. 11-2 is still possible with 3 games to go. Here are the Championship lines as of monday morning:

    Chiefs at Ravens (-3)
    Lions at 49ers (-7)

    I really think the Lions can at least keep it close against SF and I don't want to pick against Mahomes...but I don't know about picking 2 road underdogs. Picks coming later in the week.

    Round 2: 4-0
    Overall: 8-2
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    Nothing to do with the games, but the Eagles are interviewing Ron Rivera for DC. That would make me extremely happy. Sounds too good to come true though.
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    So you're not keeping Matt Patricia?!?! (Shock face)
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    Speaking of nothing to do with the games...here's something I never expected to say in the past 10 years or so:

    I miss the old Jerry Jones.

    Give me feral Jerry. Maverick Jerry. Maverick Jerry traded 2 first round picks for Joey Galloway and it was a disaster. Then, just to prove it was no fluke, he did it again 10 years later with Roy Williams. Maverick Jerry would have fired McCarthy last year after the second 49ers loss in the playoffs. Maverick Jerry would have never get rid of Amari Cooper (the one trade for a WR that actually worked). But Maverick Jerry died during the 2014 draft. He wanted Johnny Manziel but was overruled...or rather convinced because he has final say after all. Who we got instead of Manziel? Future HOFer Zack Martin. It's time to bring him back. It's time, Jerry...give in to the madness again.
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    My picks are in. I decided to stop over thinking. That's usually a recipee for disaster. HERE WE GOOOOOOO

    Chiefs (+3) over Ravens.
    Don't bet against Mahomes under any circumstances. Now that he proved that he can win on the road he'll continue building his legacy and his already HOF Career. Lamar is the opposite...still don't believe 100% in him...until he proves me wrong, of course. I expect this to be a very close one. One of those games in which the last team to get the ball will win.

    Lions (+7) over 49ers.
    I don't remember a single playoff game of the 49ers under Shanahan in which they blow out the opposition. They usually come from behind, blow big leads, come close to blowing big leads, or lose simply because they were down to their 4th string QB. Either way, I don't believe they will win for more than a score, and I'm not even certain they will win. The Lions are tough as nails. This one is easy. They Lions should easily cover, if not win outright.

    I know...picking two road underdogs...doesn't sound smart, right? But I'm on a roll...and I got a feeling...we'll watch two close, exciting games this sunday. Both will be decided by a Field Goal or less.

    8-2 overall. The challenge is alive.
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    I'm rooting for both of your picks to win straight up....especially the Lions. Good luck!
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    The NFL announced the finalists for their end of season awards. Here they are:

    The tastefully named Christian McCaffrey
    Some Josh Allen guy

    The also tastefully named TJ Watt
    Myles Garrett
    Maxx Crosby

    Tastefully named Christian McCaffrey

    CJ Stroud (Just give to him already)
    Sam Laporta
    Jahmyr Gibbs
    Puka Nacua
    Bijan Robinson

    Will Anderson
    Jalen Carter
    Joey Porter JR
    Kobie Turner
    Devon Whiterspoon

    Dan Campbell
    John Harbaugh
    Demeco Ryans
    Kyle Shanahan
    Kevin Stefanski

    My picks are:

    MVP: Dak. Call me a homer. (Better numbers than Lamar and Allen...but it doesn't matter this year, apparently).
    OPOY: Ceedee Lamb. Ditto
    DPOY: Bland. At this point you get it, right?
    OROY: Stroud. Obvious choice
    DROY: Carter. Throwing a bone at my buddy the Eagles fan.
    Coach: DeMeco Ryans. He did an amazing job.
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    Eagles are interviewing Kellen Moore for their OC position. Good luck.
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    The Falcons are hiring Raheem Morris as their next coach.

    The Falcons are the only team that interviewed Bellichick who now seems to have run out of options.

    If Maverick Jerry was still around he'd hire him as DC and promote him in 2025 when we fall short again. Who cares if he'll be 73 years old by then?
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    I don't want him but he would still be an upgrade. I just hope that our new OC is a teacher of checkdowns, but hates RB bubble screens that call for DeVonta Smith to be a primary blocker.
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    Moore only has one scheme: Vertical passing. F the route tree...just go long and throw it as far as possible. The minute opposing defenses figure out two deep safeties stop him, he's out of ideas.

    #1 offense in the regular season, 11 PPG in the playoffs. Again: good luck :D
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    Well, we only scored 9 points in the playoffs this year so that would still be an upgrade haha.
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    I started to note some "dinasty fatigue" with the Chiefs and it got me thinking...

    Everybody got tired of the Cowboys dinasty in the 90s and the Patriots dinasty the following 20 years, and now it's starting to show with the Chiefs. Thing is...I like this Chiefs dinasty. I don't know if it's the fact that it's a different team, or I think Patrick Mahomes is the coolest QB I've ever seen (not necessarily the best, but without a doubt the coolest). Andy Reid is like a cool grandpa and Travis Kelce is awesome. Maybe it's different mindsets...I'm aware Americans love underdogs and all that. The reason I never liked the Patriots is that they didn't play cool football (maybe the 2007 team did...the one that fell short) and all the cheating allegations, but the Chiefs? Heck...win the next 5 Super Bowls...I don't care.

    Where do you stand on this? Are you tired of the Chiefs already?
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    I'm not really tired of the Chiefs. Mostly because I still have love for Reid. I definitely don't want them to continue winning SB's after this year though. If they do manage to do it again then I think you'll start seeing some of that fatigue.
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    Well, the Eagles have hired Kellen Moore as OC. Lmao.

    Prepare for a fully predictable offense that will not adjust when things start to go wrong. Justin Herbert had his worst year as a pro under this guy which just proves the legend Dak Prescott is...
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    Meh. Herbert was playing injured most of the season and finished with same rating as he did in 2022.

    What I like that Moore will bring to the Eagles are things they got away from last season…RPO’s, using the middle of the field, and snaps under center. Not sure if the Eagles offense will be better than 2022, but I know they will be better than this season.
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    Hey, so...Lamar didn't show up and then threw the game away. Just sayin'

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    I can’t believe he threw that pass into triple coverage.

    Go Lions now!
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    I can't believe how dumb Campbell was going for it on 4th down in the 3rd quarter when the Lions could have went up 3 scores. I knew the snowball was going to occur after that. I'm so pissed.
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    I watched the first half and was so happy to see the 49ers getting blown out.

    I just saw they won..and that Campbell got too cute again. Now we get a repeat Super Bowl. Yay.

    At least the Lions covered and now I'm 10-2 in the playoffs...
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