49ers CB Walt Harris Sprains Knee At OTA's

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    Cornerback Walt Harris sprained his right knee as he fell to the grass covering wide receiver Dominique Zeigler on an out route. After the play, he knelt on both knees before trainers placed him on his back and worked on his legs. He then was helped to a cart where he spent the rest of practice.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
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    jonas..you have a phone call...he'll be joining you on the "released" list soon as the seasons done..
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    dont know if this has been updated. But its no longer a sprain, its a torn ACL and will require season ending surgery.
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    49ers CB Walt Harris Likely To Miss Season

    SANTA CLARA Niners cornerback Walt Harris is likely to miss the upcoming season after sustaining a torn knee ligament when he tangled with receiver Dominique Zeigler during a practice designed to be non-contact. Harris, a 13-year NFL veteran, is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair the anterior-cruciate ligament in his right knee in the coming weeks, the team announced Wednesday.

    Source: Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
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    That sucks. Tough break for the Harris, and the Niners.
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    well, they just got dre' bly, who could be better, Harris really slowed down the past two years after having a monster season before the 49ers signed Nate Clements
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    slowed down, gave up, phoned it in...cashed his massive paycheck and then checked out..