49ers RB Frank Gore Prefers Jimmy Raye Over Mike Martz

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by SRW, Jun 11, 2009.

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    49ers running back Frank Gore is a big fan of Jimmy Raye's offense. "With (Mike) Martz, we were more finesse, throw the ball deep, get outside," Gore said. "This is more running with my shoulders squared up, a lot of power, a lot of downhill plays." He's delighted to be reunited with his old running mate, fullback Moran Norris, who spent two years with the 49ers before moving to the Lions last year. "I love it," Gore said. "As a team, we're trying to be physical, and that's what he is."

    San Francisco Chronicle
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    no one ever mistook gore for a rocket scientist....
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    i agree with gore.....he could of been a fantasy stud but martz killed that, heck he was pretty much there as a blocker for the second half of the season, when they didnt pull him for another WR or deshaun foster
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    i'd agree with gore if he wasn't making a laughable comment...Norris bulked up and became a road block in the holes....and our o-line is far too small/fragile to be the smash mouth run team the system they are installing calls for....just another coach trying to make the team something its parts don't fit...hello nolan...hello erickson...