49ers WR Isaac Bruce Thinking Playoffs, Super Bowl

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by 86WARD, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Isaac Bruce, a man of 1,000 catches but few words, is returning to pro football, and the 49ers, for what will be his 16th and possibly final season. His goals are simple. "Play in the playoffs again and win a Super Bowl," Bruce said Saturday after a minicamp practice. "I know the parity of the NFL. I was 4-12 one year and the next year I won a Super Bowl." Bruce and the St. Louis Rams were 4-12 in 1998 and in '99 they were 13-3 and on top of the world with a championship in Super Bowl XXXIV.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle
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    Well it's not unheard of but that 1999 team was on all cylinders with their offense kicking, sadly we don't.
  4. 86WARD

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    Stranger things have happened...
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    lol...super bowl....riiiiight.
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    We will win the Super Bowl :)
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    Irony, isn't it great.
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    I see a 4-game suspension coming. He'll test positive for some hallucination-causing crap :icon_eek:
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    Playoffs is one thing thats not out of reach for almost any team. Dolphins went from 1 win to playoffs. Superbowl i think no team should predict look how its worked for the cowboys.
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    all the stars were alighned for that Rams team. the packers didnt make the playoffs and neither did the niners that were power house teams then. then the following year they get knocked out of the playoffs by the power house New Orleans Saints lol
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    Put Shaun Hill behind center and stay focused, you can make the playoffs.

    Especially in the NFC West.
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    That's the key word AB - NFC WEST...the Niners have just as good a chance in that division as anyone...

    If they can get some decent QB play along side of Frank Gore, they could be alright...
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    He didn't predict the Niners would play in next super bowl, he said it was his goal. Not the same thing.
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    "Play in the playoffs again and win a Super Bowl," he implied it, it is the same thing. And comparing this team 2 the Rams of 1999.
  15. 86WARD

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    I wouldn't compare the Niners with the Rams of 1999 either...however, would you compare the Rams of 1999 before they hit the field to the Minnesota Vikings of 1998? The Denver Broncos of '98? Probably not...

    Anything is possible in the NFL nowadays...highly unlikely, but not impossible...lol...
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    Well, again, there's a difference between saying "I want to do this" and "my team will do this"...
    And about comparing the teams, he just said it was possible because it was done before.
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    well im sure you will bring this up if the niners win the super bowl, right? "Hey you didnt predict we would win the SB"! lol
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    He said it was his goal, isn't that everyone's goal though? He stated it, he wants to do it, if he didn't think this team could go where he wanted to go, he would have retired.