9-year-old Boy Told He's Too Good To Pitch

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by TJ, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Pretty funny story.
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    maybe you need to comprehend things before you start trying to look for some help.

    try to follow along this time, i have repeatedly said that at this kid's age - 9yrs old - there is no reason to have pulled him or ban him from pitching. he is at the minor level which is supposed to be the age where you keep records and have playoffs. the only question i had and i have not seen anything an answer to it was were they pitching this kid all game every game. it's a bandit league that would not have to follow little league or cal ripken rules which would eliminate that.

    when you're in t-ball or pee wee there is no need. the vast majority of kids are still more interested with kicking dirt and picking flowers in the outfield. the main focus is trying to teaching them the game.

    you kinda sound like many of these parents that more interested in winning for themselves than really caring what the kids think or care about. 99% of kids up to 7-8yrs old could give two craps about the final score.
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    so now you are actually finally stating T Ball or pee wee, and not this kid's league, which makes more sense.

    I doubt they would make him pitch the full game, he wouldn't last that long he's only 9

    I didn't seek help :lol: the dude came in here on his own

    oh and part of teaching the game is teaching them to try and win ;)
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    If we keep subjecting these kids to pussification, we're going to be a watered down canada.
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    actually i clearly stated it in every one of my posts. you just failed to comprehend everything and instead conviently only remembered what fit your argument. :pimp2:

    again, at his kid's age you do teach the team how to win and lose. there is no reason to keep score in t-ball and pee wee. if you rhink differently your no better than the parents that got this kid banned.
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    ill take the lil crap deep. write that down.
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