A horse is a horse, of course, of course, until the Belmont Stakes

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    How do we explain our intermittent obsession with horse racing?

    For three short minutes, three times a year, we drop everything we’re doing, put on a funny hat, make ourselves mint juleps and glue ourselves to the nearest television screen anticipating something that none of us really understand: a midget on top of a horse convincing it to travel as fast as it can.

    I don’t mean to belittle the sport of kings but let’s be honest. Despite its lengthy heritage and rich tradition in this country, the sport goes relatively undiscussed for 362 days a year.

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    Horses have done nothing to help us since they have been around.for a long time they were our main modes of transpartation,and they helped us around the farm in many ways. maybe it is just a natural way of showing respect for the long time bond we have with horses,who knows?
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    That's at least an explanation, Deez, as fair as one I've received so far but I'm still not buying it.

    Look, I get that horse owners are in it for the investment and also get that they love and care for their horses. At least I think they do.

    But why do we all root for a Triple Crown winner when we essentially know nothing about the sport, the horse or the team who brought it up?
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    maybe america just likes the underdog.
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    That's actually the most reasonable explanation yet, Deez, except in this case, it's not the underdog we're rooting for but the favorite.

    I get that we're rooting to see something happen that hasn't but California Chrome was a huge favorite in both the Preakness and Belmont.
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    Maybe a different perspective SC.You watch for the same reason 10 million Australians watched the Americas Cup in 1983.For 132 years the New York Yacht Club had reigned supreme,no one had come close to threatening that Cup.But on Sept 22 1983,Australia II tied the series 3 - 3,and on Sept 26 they would get a shot at history.For 4 days,Australians from all walks of life became sailing "experts",people who didn't know a mainsail from a jib were suddenly captivated by the thought that they could be watching history.You didn't need to know anything about sailing,the NYYC,race tactics or anything else,you watched because if history was made then you didn't want to be the one to say "shoot,I didn't think they would win,so I stayed in bed".And so at approximately 5.30am Australian time,on Sept 26,history was made,the Cup was leaving the trophy cabinet at the NYYC and travelling down under to the RPYC.
    So my friend,you watch because you want to see history be made,you don't want to be the one to say "shoot,I didn't think that horse would win,so I decided to mow the lawn." And next year you will watch again,because humans have a need to satisfy their curiosity and wonder,will the triple crown ever be won again,or will you never see a triple crown winner in your lifetime?
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    That was the best explanation I've heard yet.

    Unfortunately it took a yachting reference to get there, he he.
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