A Look At What Records Colin Kaepernick Broke Tonight!

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by misfitz, Jan 13, 2013.

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    Here is a list of records Colin broke tonight

    Youngest QB to start a playoff game in Franchise History.
    Most yards rushing by a QB in the postseason
    Most postseason rushing yards in Franchise history(RB or QB)
    Longest rush by a QB in Franchise history.(Broke his own record)
    Longest rush by a QB in NFL Postseason history
    Most rushing yards in one game by a QB in NFL history
    Most rushing yards in one game by a QB in Franchise history.

    Not bad for his 1st post season game and 8th NFL start.
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    Alex Smith is still better...

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    After that game, Harbaugh looks like a genius.
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    The 49ers went from bland to exciting on offense when Kaepernick went under center. His legs are a weapon on their own and he is willing to pull the trigger downfield, something Alex was leery of.

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    Ya I saw someone post that he was inaccurate most of the night LMAO. I don't know what game they were watching, but he only missed on a few throws at most, and had several drops from D Walker and I remember seeing Crab drop one. That throw he had to Gore on the run with the odd arm angle was pretty brilliant. The dart to Crabtree in double coverage for the touchdown was a super small window and the one over the head of a well covered Vernon Davis was another great throw that stood out. And the guy hits home runs with his legs. That is very hard to defense. Who does a defense double cover.. Crabs, Moss, VD? Can't double them all. You play man against them and Kaep will run all over you. You play zone, and they'll find the soft spots. Not to mention Gore and Lamichael getting off as well.
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