A Royal sleeper in Buffalo

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    The last time the Buffalo Bills had a tight end exceed 30 receptions (2003), Tom Donahoe was catching heat as the general manager, Gregg Williams was the much-maligned head coach and Drew Bledsoe was the starting quarterback. By the way, the tight end was the now-forgotten Mark Campbell, who grabbed a career-best 34 catches. These days, Marv Levy is in Donahoe's position, twinky Jauron succeeded Mike Mularkey, who succeeded Williams, and J.P. Losman has taken the reins from Bledsoe. Thus, times have clearly changed, and the Bills are hoping to break their three-season drought at tight end and perhaps exceed Campbell's productivity from '03. Starting TE Robert Royal, a five-year veteran, could become one of the team's most important short-yardage weapons beginning in September.

    Source: RealFootball365
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    He should help my dad's team
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    Royal is a decent TE who didn;t do a bad job for us, i hope he does have a big year
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    I think he'll have a solid season.
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    Royal really came on his last couple of seasons as a Redskin after suffering injuries his first few years. He's a good blocker and while at times, he had trouble with drops, he has some run after the catch ability in that he'll look to punish the defender.