A Tenure Defining Drive

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by FSUViking, Oct 12, 2008.

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    The drive that resulted in the Ryan Longwell blocked FG was the defining drive in the tenure of Brad Childress. We've all seen it, game in and game out...a vanilla, unimaginative, conservative, and benign offense goes into a shell (is that even possible?!) whenever they get into field goal range. Instead of finishing the drive emphatically, they get even MORE conservative and settle for 3. I swear to God, Childress gets scared to lose those potential points.

    Oh, and as I type this, I just heard Chilly tell Greg "Bootlicker" Coleman that he's, and I quote "tickled pink with today's win." I am too. I'm "tickled pink" that Detroit gave us 2 points. I'm "tickled pink" that Gus throws for 296 and AD gets 111, and our offense scores 7 freaking points, and that came on 1 play. Absolutely tickled, Brad. :icon_rolleyes:

    And you know god **mn well that Childress will hid behind the cliche that the Lions are a division opponent and that they are familiar with us......nevermind the fact that Chicago just went into Detroit and beat the crap out of them. I guess the Lions are just more familiar with us then they are the Bears, huh?
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    Nothing more painful to watch than a conservative offense.

    Back to back weeks where a couple of calls have turned the game in Minny's favor. Minnesota has good players on O and a good D but they O is limited by Frerottes shortcomings as a QB.
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    Oh, please. Gus is not even close to being the problem. Since he took over, they've actually HAD a passing game. The offense with Gus and the offense with Jackson is night & day. It's all on the bald head of Childress.
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    Comeon man tell us how you really feel
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    that was bullcrap the vikings should have never even been in FG range
  6. ThePhantomTBag

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    At least you don't have Sean Payton. AD would only get 9 carried a game, and Frerotte would throw 45 times a game.
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    Agreed. That was a bullcrap PI call. Guy was looking back and playing the ball. What more can he be expected to do? It's getting impossible to play defense in the NFL.
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    ya and the sad thing about the refs that wasnt the worst call in the game how about the "fumble" by CJ lol

    which would have put us in FG range hanson is money and it would have forced Minny to get a TD

    they totally changed the game
  9. FSUViking

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    Yeah. He was clearly down and the cameras had a CLEAR view of it on replay. Lions got jobbed out of a win, for sure.
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    So was this a ref heck up?

    I think we should just let camera caught reviews be turned over whether refs called the play dead or not.