Aaron Rodgers' Play Draws Mike McCarthy's Scrutiny

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    We were set at OL, but with Vollmer still available later in the second round Belichick snapped that one up. Now with Light out, Vollmer is starting, and doing very good. You can't have enough quality Offensive Linemen, and a lot of times you can pick up some real good ones in the later rounds, if you do your homework. We only have one 1st round draft pick on our starting OL, Mankins. Light 2nd, Kaczur 3rd, Koppen 5th, and Neal UFA. Until we signed these guys long term, they were getting paid squat, because they weren't high draft picks. There is no excuse to not put this group of guys on your high priority list considering the bang for the buck on the cap, and the availability in the draft. I think many coaches get too enamored with trying to snap up skill players in the draft, that they don't really need, and ignore the grunts, who will define your Offense. Belichick sure doesn't, and he fills his needs in the draft.