AC/DC may be disbanding and retiring

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Diesel44, Apr 15, 2014.

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    It just won't be the same, man.

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  2. Buck Fenson

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    AC DC three times, Ozzy Obourne three times, Motley Crue, The Scorpions, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Tesla twice, Ratt, Twisted Sister, Helloween, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Van Halen,
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    That was pretty much my wheelhouse back in the day @Buck Fenson. You get to see VH with Roth or Sammy?

    I remember rocking out to AC/DC as a little kid at my town's library. They had a record section and for some reason there was a HUGE selection of rock. AC/DC was one of those bands that blew my mind. It's too bad it's the end of the road but all good things eventually come to an end. Thanks for the music and the memories boys.

    As for Scott vs Johnson? I don't think either was worse than the other. Scott had more of a punk 'twang' to his voice, but I don't think they lost anything at all after he dies and Johnson took over. If I had to choose however, I'd pick Johnson. I was introduced to Johnson first so that might be what skewers my opinion of the two. In my head he became the voice of AC/DC.
  4. DaBears22

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  5. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    @SRW Saw them in '78. they came to our city on their first and second tour. had about 300 people the first concert and about double the next time they swung by. didn't come here anymore.
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  6. Diesel44

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    i get all the k stadiums mixed up,jfk,rfk,kkk, ya know? back when i went in the 1970s i think tickets were 10 bucks at the most but by the time i saw the stones in 1999,each ticket cost 125 bucks. I'd go more but who can afford it now if your lastot spielberg or trump now a days? best shows i have ever seen that were not considered rock shows were johnny cash around the early 1970s,john mellencamp and bruce hornsby and the range in the 1980s,all in smaller venues and all great shows. i have seen so many great rock shows in bigger,it is hard to pick the best,but rush,the who,page and plant, and aerosmith and nugent were really standouts.
  7. smeags

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    lets see some of the bands i have seen. aersomith 11xs / ozzy 3xs / metallica 4xs / black crowes 4xs / tesla 3xs/ gnr 2xs / skynrd 3xs / dio 2xs / motley crue 3xs / rush 2s / def leppard 2xs / vh (w/sammy) - bad co - boston - anthrax - stones - deep purple - nuggent - great white - the cult - iron maiden - bto - skid row - the firm - foreigner all 1 time.
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    I Saw the original van halen 2 times. 1st time they opened up for the original black sabbath,and just flat out made sabbath look like the drunken/drug idiots they had become. the 2nd time,they were the only band on the ticket and blasted the roof off the place with 3 hours. AC/DC without malcolm will be different,but if he is still co writing the music and still gonna help them produce the music on their new album,it will not be as
    bad or as different as we all seem to think it will.
  9. smeags

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    top 5 shows i have seen.

    1- jimmy page w/the black crowes 2001 - closet to zeppelin i got to see.

    2- boston - 1986 / front row center stage. amazing show. sounded perfect. brad delp had mad range

    3- stones 1981 - 1st concert ever.

    4- aerosmith/GNR - both groups were at their peak.

    5- ozzy/metallica - ozzy sucked but this was metallica's master of puppets tour and i got to see cliff burton on bass. i was front row on the floor. cliff drank damn there a case of beer during the show. just kept guzzling down cups.
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  10. Diesel44

    Diesel44 Serial Killer

    1-page n plant-march 1995-landoved md
    2-robert plant july 1988-greensboro,nc
    3-johnny cash-early 1970s roanoke,glen campbell opened up
    4-queen-mid 1980s-greensboro
    rolling stones were great as was the who,aerosmith,willie nelson,and both versions of ac/dc.rush was also great in 1981. if they tour next summer,gonna try like hell to go.
  11. ragman

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    Saw a note on Facebook that said that Malcolm Young retired from the band because he has dementia.
  12. DaBears22

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    The husband of one of my dad's cousins is a huge AC/DC fan and since the news broke that they will put out a new album and tour in 2015, he called me and said to keep an eye out on concert dates and tickets in Chicago or Grand Rapids. He's been to a concert during every NA tour the band has had. He'll pay for the tickets. Hope he comes through. Can't imagine the AC/DC experience...:buttrock:
  13. DaBears22

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    Damn that sucks. I figured it was cancer but it's just bad all around no matter how you slice it.