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  1. Saintsfan1972

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    coach payton was on sirius this morning, this is what i caught......

    he thought we played well on D for the most part except for one play with smith getting the 1st down on a 3rd and 10 in the final drive for the game winning field goal.

    then he went into all the dropped passes without naming names....talked about the drop that became an interception...noted about 4 - 5 drops in the red zone that cost us....

    talked about our kicking game and said that we have to get the points when we are in field goal range....went back to the wide receivers and said that he has a stable of WR's and will make changes to correct the problem and at kicker as well....said certain people had been warned about poor play and he will do what is necessary

    sounds like mare and henderson are done.....i hope
  2. wide right

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    Didn't Henderson have 100 yards receiving yesterday? Where's Colston been?
  3. TJ

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    Colston? Killing two of my fantasy teams...that's what he's been doing :icon_evil:
  4. Saintsfan1972

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    yeah, he had a good yard day.....but that dosen't make up for all of his drops...especially the one that turned into an INT yesterday

  5. SuperBeast

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    go to the run and gun and you guys will be unstoppable....
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    The mistake the Saints made with Colston is assuming a great year as a number 2 receiver will turn into a bigger year as the number one receiver. Peerless Price anyone?
  7. Garnett

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    Where's the accountability from Payton for coaching this underacheiving group?

    I'm so mad at the Saints (for fantasy reasons only of course). The QB hasn't played well either, but is that solely from drops?
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