Actor James Best Dies At Age 88

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    James Best, whose prolific career included 83 movies and 600 TV shows but is best remembered for portraying Rosco P. Coltrane, the bumbling sheriff of Hazzard County, died late Monday in Hickory at age 88.

    Best died in hospice after a brief illness of complications from pneumonia, said Steve Latshaw, a longtime friend and Hollywood colleague. Best had fallen ill with respiratory trouble on a cruise and never recovered.

    His career included roles in such movies as “The Caine Mutiny” with Humphrey Bogart and “Shenandoah” with Jimmy Stewart. As a character actor in television, he was cast on popular shows like “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” “Bonanza” and “The Andy Griffith Show.”

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    I don't remember him in anything but Dukes of Hazzard but still remember that character well. RIP
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    Damn time flys. 88!
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    Watching Dukes Of Hazzard with my family is one of those childhood memories that I'll always remember. My mother to this day will still do her awful impression of him saying, "Enos, you dipstick!".

    RIP, James.
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    I remember watching it with my family and my Dad always complaining about how many cars they would wreck on tha
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    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015. father used to always mention that too.
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    he was in a lot of war movies and cowboy movies.