Adam Schefter Says Larry Johnson Wants To Sign With Steelers

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by ravenfan52, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. ravenfan52

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    On Monday Night Countdown on ESPN, Adam Schefter says that waived RB Larry Johnson wants to clear waivers and sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh recently made 2008 first-round draft pick Rashard Mendenhall the starting back over Willie Parker.

    Source: NBC Sports
  2. Flacco2MasonTD

    Flacco2MasonTD ಠ_ಠ

    I wouldn't mind signing with the Steelers either and I'd be less of a powder-keg and probably a better team mate too - heck off Larry Johnson.
  3. BU54

    BU54 1st Stringer

    I'll bet he does. I can't imagine Johnson wanting to sign with the Bucs,Lions,Rams or Raiders.
  4. CaptainStubing

    CaptainStubing Gave her a Dirty Sanchez

    hahaha. LJ still thinks he can write his own ticket. hahahaha. the guy was spoiled as a kid and has never grown up.
  5. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    This ^^^
  6. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I'll take him for a two-year deal at the veteran minimum - incentive laden deal. Second year as a team option. Shelve Willie...
  7. chiefswin19games

    chiefswin19games Don't be defeated.

    Good luck with that. He won't have the motivation to block for your QB.
  8. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Then they cut him with minimal to no
  9. pctrips

    pctrips Pro Bowler

    It's not surprising and probably has more to do with his father and family than the actual team. Could be good for him to have his father close to keep him in check.
  10. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    bring him in....why not, its quality depth and hes only what 2 years removed of everyone on his nuts? a winning atmosphere will probably do him good, no offense chief fans
  11. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    You're more than welcome to him guys, I just wanted him off our team.

    And CW19 is right, he won't block for Ben either.
  12. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    you never know...this could be alot like corey dillon to NE type thing, he may just find the attitude here to make him block. stranger things have happened and its not like he would be a huge role player
  13. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    He wasn't happy earlier in his career when he sat behind Priest.

    Does it really seem like he's matured that much since then?
  14. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    no but he was definitely happy running wild behind an HOF oline with roaf and shields...they retired an everything went downhill, but i new it would. hes not THAT good of a RB, but he looked amazing behind them. again, not a huge for it
  15. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    He can still run through a linebacker if he can get through the line with momentum, and crumple a DB 10 yards deep.

    That's what you are getting.


    GJDMQYB Guest

    hmmmmmmmmmmm.. very interesting
  17. reigningblkngold

    reigningblkngold Minister of defense

    This is true I would love to see him in blkngold but his attitude is terrible and you know we wont get off of alot of money for him or put up with attitude james harrison would splatter him so we will see!
  18. warcrychief

    warcrychief Ur just da assistant Pimp

    i doubt he gets past the waiver wire.
  19. Matt314hew

    Matt314hew Mr. Impossible

    I would take him. But i think that if he does sign with the Steelers, it would signal the end of parker (even though the end is pretty much guaranteed right now).
  20. markaz

    markaz Resident Cards Fan Staff Member

    Boy is that the truth. While Priest was doing his thing and the team doing pretty well there was always the "What about me" soundbite about LJ.