AFC East Team By Team Draft Grades

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    Buf - Looking up upgrade a bad defense they get DT Dareus who could have easily went #1 overall in the draft. He provided them with immediate run stopping ability and will provide some pressure from his 5 tech position. They also got Aaron Williams first round value in the 2nd he gives them an upgrade at the CB position and more versatility. They also got Thumper Sheppard from LSU to pair with Poz in the middle.

    Grade B

    Mia - Needing help on the interior they select OL Pouncey. They also selected a RB as insurance in case Brown or Williams don't come back. They failed to upgrade the QB situation with Mallett on the board. I guess they will go as far as Henne takes them.

    Grade C

    NE - I am not really a big Solder fan but it fills a need for them. As much as I like the Dowling pick I feel they needed a Pass Rusher more. They drafted a steal in Ryan Mallett and Cannon. They also got some more picks for next year.

    Grade B-

    NYJ - They needed to add some youth to the front 3 and pass rush. They did just that in drafting Wilkerson and run stuffer Ellis. I really don't get the Powell pick when they have a few RBS already.

    Grade B
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    Buffalo gets a B and the Dolphins get a C? Buffalo did NOTHING to help the pass rush outside of Dareus. They did almost nothing to help the o-line, and didn't get a QB. Dolphins didn't need Mallet, who is a horrible fit for the WCO which the Dolphins are planning on running.