AFC North Team By Team Draft Grades

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    Bal - They get a top 10 talent at 27. They filled another needs along both sides of the trenches. They also added a much needed vertical threat to compliment Boldin. They failed to get a pass rusher to compliment Suggs.

    Grade B -

    Cin - They added insurance in case Palmer really retires and for when they cut Ocho Cinco. While I am not a fan of Dalton I like that pick for them a little more because they didn't get him in the first. Green is going to be a good player right away. Moch is a pass rushing beast but very raw.

    Grade B

    Cle - They pulled off a steal IMO with the falcons. And they still got good players in NT Taylor and WR Little. Little has #1 potential and is a nice fit for the WCO they're going to run.

    Grade B+

    Pit - They added youth to the DE positon. Upgraded the tackle sport. While, also covering themselves with Brown and Allen in case Taylor leaves. They also got raw OLB Carter who will be learning in his first season.

    Grade B
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    Not a big fan of the "grades" the day after or couple days after the draft. What are you basing the grades on? Filling "needs?"

    I'd rather see the grades on the 2007 or 2008 drafts at this point...
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    I tried to mix in needs,potential, and impact. I agree with you though it's hard to judge right away because you won't be able to tell for some players for a good while. It usually takes 3-4 years to really put a solid grade on a draft.