Agent Says Colts QB Peyton Manning Isn't Looking For Special Treatment In CBA

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    Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are not seeking separate settlements in the Brady vs. NFL antitrust lawsuit that’s part of the on-going labor negotiations between owners and players, the agent who represents each high-profile quarterback said. “Asserting anything else is nonsense,’’ agent Tom Condon said Tuesday evening. “Drew and Peyton have been two of the staunchest supporters of the players throughout this process. What they are doing is endorsing the players’ (bargaining position), not pursing anything individually.’’ Manning, the 13-year cornerstone of the Indianapolis Colts, and Brees, the on-field leader of the New Orleans Saints, are two of the 10 named plaintiffs in the Brady vs. NFL lawsuit. The Boston Globe, citing an NFL source, reported both were requesting to be exempt from the restrictive franchise tag for the rest of their careers as part of any settlement. That, essentially, would make Manning an unrestricted free agent once the 4 1/2-month lockout ends, which could occur this week.

    Source: Indianapolis Star
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    no im pretty sure he is

    side note: isnt it odd that one of the 10 plantiffs is von miller?
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    I think Von Miller was included with the intention of calling question to the draft. With his inclusion, it gave the players some more leverage.
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    Yeah, I had always wondered how Von was included, prior to even being drafted.