Agent Says Packers WR Donald Driver Is Happy With His Deal

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    Donald Driver's agent has refuted rumors that the Green Bay receiver is unhappy with his contract. Driver is working out in Houston instead of attending the team's voluntary workouts, a decision that only fed into rumors. "Donald is training in Texas," agent Jordan Woy wrote in an e-mail to the Journal-Sentinel. "It is not a mandatory camp and the Packers understand this." Driver is due to make $6.1 million this season and $7 million in 2010. "Oh, I'm happy," Driver said of his contract when asked by WITI-TV Fox6 in Milwaukee. "They always say when you get later in your career you go out there and do your best and hopefully you'll get what you deserve."

    Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
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    ya so this is just another case of a vet spending time w/ the fam before really reporting to camp. i'm not sure what kind of money other #2 wr's in the nfl are making but this has to be respectiable. i always thought Driver was a Hines ward kinda player but w/o the hitting you and ripping off your face mentality. He does his job, loves football and has been a team player. Driver should know his role, hes gettin old as a wr but can still break one and greg jennings is the big play man and go to guy. i really really hope he retires a packer.