All Signs Point To Panthers Selecting Auburn QB Cam Newton No. 1 Overall?

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  1. The Carolina Panthers will select Cam Newton with the first pick in the NFL draft, or are working hard to convince the football world they plan to. If a team craves Newton and offers the appropriate picks, the Panthers could trade down - but not too far down - and take Patrick Peterson, the fine cornerback from Louisiana State, or A.J. Green, the tremendous Georgia receiver. Without a collective bargaining agreement, however, draft day trades become more difficult since only picks, and not players, can be exchanged. Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer was at Newton's Pro Day at Auburn last week, and the Panthers sent six representatives. The Panthers will return to Auburn for a private workout with Newton today and one group of Panthers was scheduled to have dinner with Newton and his family Tuesday, and another group is scheduled to have dinner with him tonight.

    Source: Charlotte Observer
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  2. I'll believe it when I see it.....

    Gabbert can still control this thing with a Bradford-type Pro Day.
  3. bigsexyy81

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    JaMarcus MIGHT just get replaced for biggest first overall bust if this were to happen.
  4. andy82

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    I'm not a fan of Newton, but it will be pretty hard for him to flame out like JaFatass did.
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    Just take Patrick Peterson, you know you want to. Then pick Luck as your QB first next year.
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  7. K Train

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    Things that make me go LOL are the ideas of newton and gabbert #1.

    i like newton though, i think hes gonna be pretty good but not #1 overall good right now. players in that draft slot to to be that guy now and newton is not. Newton>>>>Russell and Young

    Peterson is clearly the best player in the draft though
  8. SeanTaylor21

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    I agree with this so badly it hurts me.
  9. Not anymore imo.......