Alterraun Verner Accuses Panthers WR Steve Smith Of Cheap Shot

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    The Titans felt Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith hit cornerback Alterraun Verner with a cheap shop late in the game. Verner’s helmet was off when Smith appeared to hit him, setting off an exchange of words between the teams. Smith began showing frustration in the second quarter, according to Verner. “He was frustrated, and he took a cheap one at me,†Verner said. “He kind of clothes-lined me and threw me on the ground. I don’t even know what all went down. … Someone told me he tried to sock me when I was on the ground. I’ll have to look at film to see exactly what happened.†Verner said he “can’t afford a fine†so “I tried to keep my cool.†Smith was whistled for holding on the play in question.

    Source: The Tennessean