American Indians In Virginia Have No Issue With Redskins Name

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by Sweets, May 16, 2013.

  1. 86WARD

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    Small group + media = out of proportion.
  2. Badger

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    It doesn't matter. If its racist, it's racist.
  3. 86WARD

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    If 75% of American Indians don't find it offensive, is it really racist? Or is it the media telling you that it should be racist?
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    Never went after the name change like they have the last few months. it was always controversial,but nobody has put up a campaign this intense publicity wise!.
    the thing that makes dc look bad is the political climate there,not the redskins name! does not matter what anybody thinks,the name ain't gonna be changed anytime soon regardless! DC has a lot more problems that need to be fixed before they worry about changing the name of the local mascots in atheletics names.the crime rate there is awful,fix stuff like that then debate the name change.
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    Right because you can't fight crime and debate a name at the same time. With so much of the police force tied up with this name change controversy, miscreants are just running wild in the streets.
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    Ive got family in D.C. who are all huge Redskins fans and I can tell you that this issue comes up about every 5 years. The ownership always blows it off though.
    About D.C. having other issues, I dont disagree but this issue is one that is easily fixed. Change it. End of story. Theres about a million other names that would be great and far less racist than, "redskins".
  7. DawkinsINT

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    I think that anyone who feels the Redskins ownership are racists because of the name are idiots. They have pride in their history. Changing the name may feel like a slight to their past.

    They could make a killing on merch though if they changed names.
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    Even if they got a difference name I think 95% of people will still refer to them as the Redskins. I mean look at pro wrestling biggest company it changed it's name WWE over 10 years ago but most people still call it WWF!
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    it is been around over 80 years,to me it is just society trying to make everything nice and politically correct!
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    If the majority of American Indians decide they have no problem with the name being used then its not a problem. No matter what anyone else thinks or says. That's the problem with people now, they get on their high horse and preach about something thats not proven to be a problem. I understand getting behind a cause if the people who are directly involved are concerned with how something effects them. But if they are not worried about it....shut your pie hole and move on. Now Congress wants to add their 2 cents...go fix the damn economy buttholes.

    And trust me I have no love for Washington but this craps getting just plain stupid.

    And what about the few who might be offended. I say get over it, we don't get everything we want so suck it up.
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    we got way too many problems that need fixing for congress to ever stick their two sense into this! they need to do their freaking jobs and tend to their own business,not go sticking their noses into something that does not concern them.
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    he he...
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    Well they did put an end to sitting "Indian Style" in the schools...
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    I bring this joke up every time 'indian style" is mentioned, but I refuse to stop.

    "When my teacher told us to sit Indian style, I got a bottle of whiskey and layed on the curb." - Rich Vos
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    must have took 1 too many vicodin this am!:icon_cheesygrin:

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    or calling somebody an" indian giver".?:icon_cheesygrin: