Anderson Silva breaks his leg in the Octagon

Discussion in 'Boxing/MMA Talk' started by DontKnowMe, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. DontKnowMe

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    In the second round Silva threw a leg kick Weidman checked it and Silva's leg snapped. Compound fracture.
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    dude that was so crazy. i still cant believe it. he is done. i wouldnt want to be the ref cause I would have stopped the fight in the first after weidman was hitting some nasty strikes. you had an amazing career spider
  3. Omen

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    That was sick his leg was flapping
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  9. markaz

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    Kind of surprised this doesn't happen more often.

    Regardless, HOLY CRAP!!!
  10. Steve12

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    Damn that thing snapped like nothing. Holy heck.
  11. CaptainStubing

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    I'm glad the spider is done for good. I had been sick of his crap for a while. He had a great career though.
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    Back in the 70' when arm wrestling was getting air play, I watched 1 where a beefy mother snapped his arm in between the shoulder & elbow. I sat mesmerized as they played a slow motion replay. Never watched it again...

    This one caught me off guard the same way. Not sure how long it will take for me to watch the UFC & not have a picture-in-a-picture in my head re-playing this one.
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  13. Steve12

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    There's a video I've seen before that looks almost identical to this one. Dude's leg snaps in the same spot, same way, and he falls over when he tries to stand on it.
  14. DaBears22

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    I'm sure the media won't let anyone forget what happened. That was simply..............nasty.
  15. Mike

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    can you imagine how often Theisans replay would have been posted had social media been around then
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  16. Diesel44

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    i think this was a worse break than theisman's was.
  17. SRW

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    Worst had to be Louisville's Kevin Ware in the NCAA B'Ball tournament:

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    ugh.....thanks steve :D
  19. SRW

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    Of course there also was Sid Vicious back in WCW:
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    Ill never forget watching that match, and freaking out when he came down and his leg went. Its fresh in my mind, all these years later