Anderson Silva breaks his leg in the Octagon

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  1. DaBears22

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    Another one that was bad was the weightlifter in the Beijing olympics that had his arm break on him.
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    If that doesn't make you nauseous.
  4. Kurt

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    Worse than the Spiders??

    Joe Theisman break at 53 seconds...

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    Jesus Christ...You guys are a sick as I remember.
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    Silva broke his leg when he kicked the other guy not when the other guy kicked him. I Doubt he comes back after this injury,so i hope he has plenty of money saved up.
  7. Omen

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    I was talking to wife about it. She deals with people recovering from terrible injuries and strokes. She said she doubts he comes back. Not because of the bone breaking but the nerve damage is extensive with injuries like this.
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    Theisman people, Theisman -

    Silva is done, baddest butt dude since Matt Hughes
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