Anyone interested in a draft buddy?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by vutek0328, Aug 19, 2016.

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    My leagues are not drafting for a while, and I'm not a big fan of doing research through mock drafts when half of the participants are auto-picking. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in having a draft buddy, someone who is available to bounce ideas and help make decisions during drafts.

    Why do you benefit?

    Even if you feel extremely confident, I think having a second opinion rarely hurts. In reality, this may be most beneficial to those who may not have done all of the research that they would have liked, or those managers who are just starting out and could use some advice/assistance.

    Why do I benefit?

    This process will help me prepare for my own upcoming drafts. Additionally, I will get an opportunity to learn something new that I may have looked in my research or at least have a second opinion on my existing beliefs.

    What are your credentials?

    Just an average fantasy football loving guy who's been playing since early 2000s and have won some leagues here and there ( I'm not sure how to show stats from ESPN, my platform of choice since. I play in mostly medium-entry fees but pride matters much more to me than monetary rewards. But I think if you are like me and enjoy talking fantasy, track records may not be a priority for you, worst case if you think I'm full of manure and you can just as easily walk away.

    Cool, where do I sign up?

    Just leave your league settings and draft time below and I'll PM you if I'm available during that time, or you can PM me as well. Don't want to make it overly complex, since I am doing this on my own time and I'm doing so free of charge.

    Can I be a buddy too?

    Sure! Feel free to respond to any of the requests and buddy up. This is meant to generate more conversation amongst the community, especially for those of us who are twiddling our thumbs waiting for our drafts.