Are Most Falcon Fans Vick-Sheep?

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by Greg Brosh, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Cheezymadman

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    remind you of anyplace you know? :icon_rolleyes:
  2. nastynate184

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    lol kids blindly believing what their parents say is a pretty common thing at a young age i know i did
  3. skinsfan1

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    kids are supposed to listen to their parents. doesn't mean the parents are right all the time.
  4. steadypimpin

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    The black falcons fans are so blind to this whole vick thing. Even though he was found guilty they still insist that he was tageted because he was black. I find that as complete bullcrap. If he never did anything wrong in the first place no feds would give a heck what vick does. I was listening to the radio when he got sentenced this week and this caller from atlanta said that Goodell should have stepped in and said that he'll take care of vick with the nfl. What a joke, I didnt know Goodell had that much pull with the feds.
  5. n1gbpackfan

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    WTF.. I am so sick of peeps pullin the race card when something doesn't go their way. He got less time then the dudes that ratted on him, how do you think they feel? Hmmmm... must be another race issue.. give me a friggen break.