Attorney Claims Dolphins OT Jonathan Martin Endured 'Malicious' Physical Attack

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by SRW, Nov 7, 2013.

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    Yo momma jokes and talking crap on the field are one thing. It's meaningless nonsense. Someone who actually knows me personally and knows my sister personally, someone I spend more time with than my actual family on a daily basis, saying things like that with malice behind it, would have been entirely another, especially if it was an ongoing thing, which this seems to have been. I'm not saying it would have been the right thing to do, the mature thing to do, or something to be proud of...only that I can understand how living with that every day could drive someone of that age in that situation to their breaking point, whatever that might mean for the given individual. If you were a perfectly mature and adjusted individual when you were that age who never felt insulted or slighted, well kudos to you. I don't mind saying I wasn't, didn't know many that were, and don't see many that are now.
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    My favorite thing to do to mouthy heckers on the field would be to wait until the refs were not looking (eventually its going to happen during the game) and give the biggest cheap shot. Screwer wouldn't run his mouth after that. Lol

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    Wonder what would happen if I said that to one of my
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    Good I guess it's time to set myself up for some ridicule. WTF?

    It's apparent that Jonathan Martin is a non-confrontationalist and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. How many of GIFers have the wife deal with something because you don't want to deal with it yourself? Maybe the wife is more "in your face" than you are...there's nothing wrong with that and it doesn't mean you're a cat. It's just a human trait. Maybe Martin would have selected a different profession had he known that the elevated testosterone levels in a NFL locker room resulted in a culture of self-anointed torturer by some. I dunno. But the reality is the guy shouldn't have to worry about physical or mental abuse, especially by a teammate, at any level. The culture created by the majority of players in NFL locker rooms is one based on thug mentality and spawned from a less than desirable upbringing. It is what it is, but it still doesn't give any player the right to cross the line and torment a teammate because he's been tried and convicted as a weakling by the thug.

    While I do think the media was absolutely wrong for editing the voicemail so that we couldn't hear its entirety, the point trying to be made by many of Incognito's teammates was that it was benign and OK because Martin laughed at the end of it. How can any player be so stupid to say that the voicemail was harmless simply because Martin laughed? How was he supposed to react in front of the same teammates? Look distraught and shake his head in disgust knowing that he'd be ridiculed by those with him? That would just show another sign of weakness and vulnerability and set himself up for more verbal assaults. I can't for a second imagine if he heard that voicemail while alone in his home or car that he would have been laughing. At least I know I wouldn't.

    Just looking forward to hearing who heard and knew what..when. Should be interesting as heads begin to roll.
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    Your lol at the end is sarcasm at its finest. If you said those things to a workmate, you'd be fired, arrested, fined and possibly
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    And trust me...there have been more than one time that I'd like to have said it. Many more...
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    I was thinking the same thing after reading the article. What? Did he get a wedgie?
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    Towel snap!!
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    Thanks for taking the time to write that up. I didnt, but I agree with every word here.
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    They should just hug it out (Incognito - "no homo").
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    I'll bet the attorneys wouldn't allow it knowing they'd be out a small fortune.