"Babalu" Sobral: "I'm Probably Going To Submit" Sokoudjou

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    Less than a year ago, Rameau Thierry Sokodjou (5-3) was widely regarded as one of the most dangerous light-heavyweights in MMA. But after a less-than-impressive stint in the UFC led to Sokoudjou's recent dismissal from the organization, Renato "Babalu" Sobral (31-7) thinks "The African Assassin" presents little in the way of special challenges. "I have to prepare a little bit for Sokoudjou's strikes, and I have to respect his judo skills of course," Sobral said in a recent media call.

    Source: MMA Junkie
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    I think Babalu will win.
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    I actually Rameau can and will beat Renato Sobral