Bam Adebayo is a baaaaad motha… shut yo’ mouth! I’m just talkin’ about Bam!

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    I placed my lone wager for the day early Tuesday evening. Nothing over the top, just twenty bucks on a two-team parlay: Celtics minus the two, Denver Nuggets plus the seven-and-a-half. The twenty bucks, if it hit, was to come back the standard fifty and change.

    Although the Miami Heat, Boston’s opponent for the night, had easily dispatched the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks in only five games, putting into question the Greek Freak’s future in that city, I still liked the Celtics to win Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals. No slouches themselves, Boston had just disposed of the Kawhi-Leonard-less defending NBA champions. Most figured Boston-Miami to be a closely-contested series but when you’re getting a hot Celtics team going against a hotter, albeit lower-seeded, Miami team, I didn’t think a single basket was all that much to lay.

    It was.

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