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  1. smeags

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    ill be in Disney when this opens so ill be seeing it there. any "epic" theaters to see it at there ?
  2. TJ

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    While I have absolutely no idea of what you're asking, I do want to take this opportunity to talk about this movie that I have awaited for a long time. Ever since Marvel started with its Avengers thing, I always looked forward to a Justice League movie, because I'm a DC fanboy and couldn't give two sh!ts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    First of all, the trailer gives away the whole plot of the movie: First act: Clark Kent meets Bruce Wayne. They don't like each other very much. Supes eventually finds out Bruce is Batman. Second act: They try to kill each other. Of course, Supes pulls back, and the fight lasts a few hours. Third act: Doomsday appears, and they ally to fight the common enemy. Wonder Woman comes out of nowhere to help. Lex Luthor is somehow to blame, after he dug up General Zod's corpse. Our three heroes will defeat Doomsday, while once again destroying Metropolis/Gotham/maybe both in the process. Bruce and Clark become BFFs. Roll credits.

    I don't have a problem with Ben Affleck playing Batman. I expected worse, but he appears to be ok at least in the trailer. I do have a problem with the portrait of Superman. He looks arrogant, even appears to allow people to worship him. That doesn't look like the Superman I grew up watching. They're using Doomsday way too early. Marvel didn't use Ultron in the first movie, so why is DC doing it? Who will be the villain in the subsequent Justice League films? Not a lot of choices after that. I also hate the portrait of Lex Luthor.

    I'm still probably watching it on opening day. The 13-year old fanboy in me demands it. But I feel like I'm in for a big disappointment.
  3. Steve12

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    The trainers have completely flipped my views on Affleck and this movie. I now think he looks like a good fit, but I'm not excited for the movie anymore.
  4. smeags

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    TJ, 1st off, thanks for spoiling the plot. I would've never guessed that's how the story could go.

    kidding aside, not sure where you get the overall arrogant part with superman. certainly not in the 1st film anyway, and trailers can be mis-leading. he's superman though, so I guess there is going to be some level of arrogance, just not to the point it becomes an issue. plus I always thought batman was the arrogant malcontent member of the justice league. who knows how the filmmakers will go with characters though.

    I was a marvel guy at heart but enjoyed dc as well. bi-comic I guess ? :dunno: anyway, lots of new characters being introduced in this movie. wonderwoman, aquaman, cyborg, doomsday, luther and I hear a 3rd villian not mention to this point. hoping green arrow and flash get in the next movie.

    btw - I love how both companies blatantly stole hero ideas from each other through the years.
  5. TJ

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    Of course!! Batman is the arrogant douche, Superman is the "nice guy". Batman even has contingency plans in case any member of the Justice League goes rogue (yes, including Superman).

    I like DC comics better because of its "darker" stories, so to speak. If I have to go through yet another Spiderman movie in which Peter Parker desperately fights his way out of the Friendzone, I'll pop my eyes out.

    For misleading trailers, I think The Force Awakens is the best example. There I was, thinking Finn would be the next Jedi, when it turned out to be Rey. Those are the trailers I like. I want to walk out of the teather, at least somehow surprised. Warner gave the whole plot away...I don't know how they can spin it, guess I'll have to wait and watch the movie.
  6. smeags

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    DC is def darker as a whole. no doubt.

    I guess the 3rd villain is zod ?
  7. TJ

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    So...anybody seen it yet? I kind of liked it. It's still better than any Avengers movie. I can't understand the beating the "critics" are giving to it...
  8. ragman

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    Counting overseas, this has made over $400M already.

    Looking at movie websites, this appears to be a movie that critics will hate and moviegoers will love.

    I have a friend on Facebook that works for a local radio station. Because she works for the media, she gets to see movies before the general public does. She saw it last Tuesday night. She hated it. However, I wouldn't read too much into it. She hates Zack Snyder because she thinks his movies are too long and he uses too much CGI effects.
  9. Diesel44

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    It was ok,but i am hoping the 3 hour r rated version coming out in july is better.
  10. DontKnowMe

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    It's rare that I go to a movie like this and feel like I am going to go to sleep watching it. But I think the reviews are kind of harsh.
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  11. ragman

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    Zack Snyder is going to be very busy for the next year or two. He's got six movies planned between now and 2017. All in the superhero movie genre.
  12. TJ

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    I thought Affleck would star and direct the new Batman trilogy.