Bears DE Gaines Adams Pronounced Dead At 26

Discussion in 'Chicago Bears' started by BigBlueBruiser, Jan 17, 2010.

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    This is not the thread for that, take it to the smack talk forum.
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    ah, that was a riot, let me tell you
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    alot of young players dying nowadays. RIP
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    I wonder will the Bears retain there second round pick.
    an enlarge heart can happen from years of steroid abuse.
  5. I don't see why they should to be honest. Nobody could have seen this coming and the trade was made in good faith.

    Do you think the Bengals will be asking for any form of compensation because Chris Henry took the goobered decision to jump off a moving truck?
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    Why doesn't it matter? You could have done the most thorough exam in the world and not picked this up unless you did a cardiac echo you would have missed it. People always are looking for something or someone to blame but I don't think you can blame the Bears. MAYBE he was doing HGH or had a past history of steroid abuse but MAYBE NOT as well. Sometimes bad crap just happens
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    I generally agree. Andy's posts were a bit perplexing to me because as far as I know this type of thing is NOT easy at all to pick up on unless you are really looking for it.......I don't think any of the routine physicals peformed by NFL teams are designed to detect an enlarged heart so to act like the Bears are at fault I mean how many young athletes die from an enlarged heart without knowing about it? I'm talking high school, college, pro levels.......usually the first sign of it is your dead and then they find out. At least that is my perception.

    And an enlarged heart isn't something that just happens overnight so hell why not blame Tampa Bay team physicians for never picking up on it. I assume he had to do a physical for them at least once. Or hell blame Clemson too. I mean high school age kids die of this condition so to act like it just magically came about when the Bears traded for him and he died due to their okay.

    I mean I will call a spade a spade and I have no love lost for Bears management but.......give me a freaking break.

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    And I don't think this necessarily points to steroid abuse either. Basketball players happen to drop dead from the same condition and I can't say basketball is a heavy steroid use sport. A kid from my town, Fort Wayne, dropped dead during a college game this past week for the University of Southern Indiana. Enlarged heart was the cause, same as Adams.
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