Bears QB Jay Cutler Has A Torn MCL, Severity Unknown

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  1. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler reportedly has a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee, Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Cutler underwent an MRI on Monday after exiting Sunday's NFC Championship Game three plays into the second half of the Bears' 21-14 loss. The degree of sprain--1st, 2nd, or 3rd, the most severe grade--has not been determined, though the extent of the injury figures to do little to change the perception around the NFL that Cutler could have, and should have, continued to play on the injured limb.

    Source: Mac's Football Blog
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    Very misleading title. He has suffered a tear, but the type of it isn't confirmed. Judging by the fact he was was walking around and didn't show any real effects of pain (at least from the norm), it would seem that he suffered a Grade 1, which is a basic sprain that would require a bit of ice and with the aid of a brace, could have continued playing. There's no way he has a Grade 3, because that would have been a rupture and he'd have been carted off to hospital, and a grade 2 would have a similar result but of a lesser degree.
  3. Rivers plays with a torn ACL.

    Cutler doesn't play with a very very slight MCL tear.
  4. Lovie Smith confirmed Cutler has a sprained MCL.....not a tear.
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    lovie is calling it a sprain right now on espn. its one of those iunjuries that doesnt require surgery, just needs some time to regain strength.
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  7. A sprained MCL is considered a tear depending on it's severity.
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    I've seen many a player go down with ligament injuries... but I've never seen one riding a freaking bike or standing, chilling on the sideline like he was the backup. Either they have been taken in the backroom, or have sucked it up and gotten back out on that field.

    He might have been in pain, he might have a legitimate issue... but the norm in the NFL is that you fight through as much pain as you possibly can. And he sure as hell looked like he could have went longer.
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  9. Screw that.....I would absolutely play in the Super Bowl on a MCL Sprain.

    Trey Wingo:
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    I've torn my MCL (yes a sprain and a tear are the same thing medically) and that crap was horrible. I couldn't even walk, let alone run around and play football. I was on crutches for weeks before I could put any real weight on that leg.
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    A sprain can still be a tear it just depends the degree, but the way he was walking on it and riding the bike, he could have played. In fact he did play some after the injury occured, I just lost even more respect for Cutler yesterday.
  12. Crowned

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    Clearly yours was a worser degree because Cutler was putting weight on it and even riding the bike.
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    Typical Lovie Smith not elaborating. A sprain is as generic as saying he had a knee boo boo. Chances are is that he suffered a grade 1 tear, which at the most conservative is a week out. No way could he walk around and cycle without showing any signs of pain with a grade 2.
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    People commonly mistake a SPRAIN for a STRAIN. A sprain is serious in that it involves either stretching of the ligament to the point where the knee become unstable or a partial /complete tear resulting in instability and/or pain of varying degrees.
    I'm not an MD, but I've had both ACL's blown, complete tear of the right MCL and PCL, severe sprain of the left MCL and all meniscus removed. So as one with a lot of personal experience, I can only say that the MCL sprain was horrifically painful and caused me to be in a cast for 1 month.
    For as much as I don't care for Cutler and glad he lost the game, it's not surprising at all that he couldn't play. It now makes complete sense why he was throwing off his back leg. For that knee to take about 80% of his weight during follow through would be almost impossible.
    I've called him every name in the book because of some of the bullcrap he's done in the past, but I can't call him a cat or a quitter on this one.
  15. Cutler sustained a Grade 2 MCL tear......

    Sean Jensen:
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    Your point proves that he DIDN'T have an MCL sprain. Right? You were in severe pain. Clearly Cutler was not.

    They made up a freaking excuse for him. Find something that is relatively serious but won't take long to heal so they can have their excuse.
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    There you have hit...not so much Jay Quitler any more...would've been tough for him to play with a Grade 2. I'm not a Cutler fan by any means, but I can't rip him here if it's true...
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    I wonder what the severity of the sprain was before he was walking around the sideline and cycling?
  19. That is a very good question.

    His body language is what should really come into fire.....he appeared that he wasn't really injured and just called it a day.

    He reportedly cried when news of NFL players questioning his toughness on twitter came to his knowledge.

    The truth really does hurt......
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    I don't give a crap if he was too hurt to play (which I'm not convinced one way or the other). He should have at least been rallying the troops and taking the backups aside, coaching em up, looking over shots, etc. with them. He didn't. Therefore, he quit on his team. He did nothing but mope. Dude is a D-bag and I'd be PISSED if I was a Bears fan.